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Recently, a survey by the reporter found that 100% cashmere sweaters filled with more than 100 yuan in the market are basically fiber or wool blended, because an ordinary 100% pure cashmere only costs 300 yuan. about. Although the supervision of related departments, but the "100% pure cashmere" logo has gradually become a number of small and medium-sized cashmere companies and consumers play a digital game.

Not only that, because of the backlash of interests, the purchase of counterfeit famous brands such as "Ordos" and "Deer King" has become one of the main profit-making methods for small cashmere companies after they have been randomly branded.

True and false 100% cashmere

Cashmere is a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on the goat's outer epidermis and hides in the roots of goat's hirsuts. Because of the sparse yield (which accounts for only 0.2% of the world's total animal fiber output), and more importantly, its excellent quality and characteristics, it is traded. The Chinese-German price is also called "soft gold."

According to a set of public statistics, about 70% of the world's cashmere is produced in China, of which the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's production accounts for about 50% of the domestic cashmere output. Ordos, Baotou and other places are the major output markets of the autonomous region, so the above Many local people in the region rely on the cashmere industry for profit or to support their families.

A short street west of the Ordos holding group is a cashmere street that Ordos people are very familiar with. In addition to outsiders from Ordos, most Ordos locals will purchase cashmere products on cashmere streets. The primary reason is that the prices are cheap.

Drive to cashmere street, look up and see most of the names of shops and cashmere, including Erdos detached, and store furnishings are basically not much difference. After inspecting a number of stores, the reporter found that the cashmere sweaters in the cashmere street store had a price ranging from 200 yuan to 600 yuan, depending on the style and thickness.

"In the past few years, cashmere sweaters have not been sold. If I put them a few years ago, I wouldn't bargain at all. If you think that prices are not suitable, people who think they are suitable will buy them." The owner recalled that in the end, the shopkeeper stated that the cashmere sweater with a price of 380 yuan could give a wholesale price of 180 yuan.

When a reporter asked about the content of the relevant cashmere sweater, the above-mentioned shopkeepers did not hesitate to tell that the cashmere content of these cheap cashmere sweaters was only between 20% and 30%, but the reporter found that most of their logos were printed with “100. % pure cashmere.

Like most traders on this street, the Huarong Commercial Building on the west side of this street brings together more cashmere sweaters and small businesses. The price of its products is even lower than that of shops along the streets, and it is basically a wholesale business. .

The reporter visited Huarong Commercial Building on the grounds of wholesale cashmere sweaters. Most of the shops and stall owners stated that they only wholesale “white hides” (Note: refer to cashmere sweaters without any indication).

"We don't usually give you any trademarks or logos. All of them are 'white' to you. The rest is your own operation." A storekeeper told reporters that the amount of cashmere sweaters it was selling The owner of the shop stated that his product can contain up to 20% of cashmere, and it is the seller’s own wish to mark the “white” after it is sold out. "If you sell on the Internet, it's okay to hang 100% pure cashmere. It doesn't matter if you sell it and don't find it."

According to a number of shopkeepers, the current sales channel for “white hides” is mainly the Internet. In addition to the owner’s own shop selling cashmere sweaters on Taobao, many local young people also wholesale large quantities of cashmere sweaters from these shops or stalls. Sell ​​on Taobao and other platforms.

What is the cost of a real 100% pure cashmere sweater?

Wu Gang, general manager of the Deer Group, calculated the amount of money for the cashmere raw materials on the international market. The average price of one ton of cashmere raw materials was about 850,000 yuan, and basically an ordinary women's cashmere sweater was basically About 250 grams, plus processing fees, loss of production costs, etc., only the price from the assembly line is about 300 yuan.

Before entering the circulation channels, they also need to spend various expenses such as transportation and channel promotion, so cashmere sweaters and pure cashmere on the market for more than 100 yuan are completely out of reach.

False identification pipeline

In winter, Ordos Huarong Merchants Xiamen opened a thick curtain to withstand the cold temperatures of minus ten degrees, and opened the stalls in the commercial buildings that are compactly lined with similar types of cashmere products.

But the most prominent one is a single room separated by the curtain and the doorway booth. A seemingly young guy is masterfully manipulating the computer and helping a local cashmere owner to create a cashmere logo.

"The amount of cashmere?" The young man did not raise his head and continued to ask.

"Play 100% pure cashmere." The boss blurted out.

That is, after a minute or so, after changing several sets of data on the template, several hundred sheets of cashmere shirts marked with “100% cashmere” fluttered out of the printer. The whole process did not ask the boss for related cashmere. The proof of the product's velvet content or quality, and the boss who came to print the badge obviously did not show the relevant certification or certificate.

As a matter of fact, the signs of goods sold by some small cashmere sweater stallholders in the Huarong Commercial Building where the reporter had previously visited were all completed in the hands of the young man. Most of the signs on the signage were marked with “100% cashmere”. .

The young man told reporters that although he only listened to the customer's request to print, but only the logo does not imitate Ordos and other brands, as marked on the label of "100% pure cashmere" is consistent with the company's products are not their own responsibility.

As a result, one "100% pure cashmere" label degenerates into a digital game between cashmere companies and consumers.

Huarong Traders' booth in Xiamen is just a microcosm of the industry chaos. The cheap cashmere sweaters sold by these people are also hopefully peddling 100% pure cashmere for small profits.

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