Children's jeans with what shirt with children's wear jeans

Autumn cool weather, parents have put on long sleeves for children. In the fall of a large number of popular single product, Xiao Bian portrait for hot mom dad recommended: jeans with models. More wear-resistant jeans fabric, naughty childhood, a pair of jeans can well meet their needs of wear. The emphasis on wearing a boy is decent and sunshine handsome, a pair of jeans + white long-sleeved T shirt, I feel OK. However, in the long-sleeved T-shirt, with the inverted Eiffel Tower, looks great oh. This one with a casual, of course, accompanied by casual shoes is more appropriate. Girls wear that should focus on cute and playful, showing their innocence can. Dark blue knit tops, the neckline has a white layer of stitching, do not know if this coat will bring much to our little beauty fashion? Knit tops + jeans, jeans in the knee position there is a cartoon image of the stitching oh. Little embellishment, you can bring great fashion. Source: Cool than music - Coobile children's clothing brand

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