How to judge the texture of the craft glass tea set?

[China Glass Net] The white jade wine with traditional Chinese flavor is rich in texture and warm and beautiful. As a gift, it is a good choice to look at the material. It is recommended to use this set of 12 Zodiac wines. The wine glasses are made of white jade from Afghanistan. The base of the cup is shaped like a zodiac. The texture is delicate and vivid. If you want to ask for a good intention, you can also choose a pair of gilded wine glasses with the shape of a squid hopping dragon door will surely make the gift recipients put it down. The dark green crystal is noble and noble, and the special shape of the bottle is reminiscent of Aladdin's magical light. The singular pattern of gold strokes brings a rich and tortuous atmosphere of the Middle East, just like a enchanting woman wearing a veil. "Five horses, thousands of gold 裘, 呼儿 will be out for good wine", booze can not be without a big cup. The heroic man is better to use the large-capacity wine glass to show the grace, choose the chic tin wine cup base, let the beautiful color painted on the outer layer, the vivid shape of the frog jumping lotus leaf is more likely to highlight the crystal clear crystal glass material. Process tea production process, there are two processes of manual machine and row machine, the production of glass bottles have a certain difference, you can refer to the following points when distinguishing:

1. Several glass hookahs are put together, the bottles of the assembly line are neat, and the angle of reflection is consistent.

2. The cooling flower bottom printing machine at the bottom of the process glass tea set is clear, and the artificial machine is not clear and obvious.

3. Since the manual machine is water-cooled, and the assembly line process is combined with air and air cooling, the smoothness of the process of the tea set produced by the craftsmanship is smoother and more uniform than that of the manual machine, and the bottle wall is clear and the transparency is strong.

4. At the bottom of the glass tea set, the manual machine can not produce the boring head print, while the line machine process can see the obvious boring head print.

5. The process of the mold line and the craft tea body mold line machine is the same, that is, in a straight line, and the manual machine is not necessarily in a straight line. Generally speaking, the production process of the process glass tea set process line line is much better than that of the manual machine, which can adapt to the automatic production of various filling and sealing machines.

The materials of high-grade glass tea sets mainly include crystal glass and white jade. Among them, white jade is often in the form of handicrafts. That is to say, most people who choose good wines choose beautiful and elegant craft tea sets, which is also a western wine set. With more and more people drinking red wine in recent years, more and more people buy high-end wines. Some people use it purely for drinking, others buy it, and many people buy it to give away. In order to meet different consumer groups, the price of wine sets ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. In general, the wines with handcrafted crafts are more exquisite and the price is slightly higher, especially some wines from the "Glass Kingdom" Czech Republic with ceramic carving and gold painting, which are favored by customers and judge the craft. There is a simple way to texture the glass tea set, that is, first rub it with your hand and then tap it. In general, the lighter the glass, the better, and the crisper the sound, the better. The choices for self-use and delivery are different.--If you use it yourself, it is better to choose a colorless and transparent crystal glass style. The craft tea set is more and more beautiful, and the decorative function is more and more eye-catching, as a home decoration or The choice of gifts is more diverse. According to reports, many customers tend to buy style designs with gold or other festive intentions, because of the level and style. For example, this set of golden carved wines, transparent gold crystal glass and gold strokes, quite a bit of "the city full of gold armor" momentum, from the years ago until now is very popular. Another set of wines suitable for drinking whisky, not only strokes, but also hand-carved, workmanship is extremely elegant, the golden veins in the green leaves are clearly visible, and also a gift.

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