Learn "tiger mom and dad" Lo mom dress up to create extraordinary temperament you

I believe many of my friends have read the "tiger mother Cat Dad" right, we do not say handsome father here today, we talk about this family's mother - Luo mother. Not hard to find, although Luo mother is a middle-aged and elderly, but at home is still the head of the family, she said every sentence has a force that can not be refuted, her aura and their peers can not be compared.

Gas field from the inside and distributed, like to dance she really gained incomparable confidence, making her attitude is very straightforward. However, in the dress, she is more elegant, with comfortable cotton fabric-based, loose version of the model can not cover up her perfect body.


See this vibrant dark green, like having all the cool summer. As soon as the lines fall, no extra design disrupts such tranquility. The texture of the fabric gives it a steady beauty, rubbed by hand, as if exposed to delicate soft sand. Unique personality ornaments, but also given another layer of beauty!

学《虎妈猫爸》罗妈妈穿衣打扮 打造气质非凡的你

Clean and elegant white, it is particularly elegant. Simple printing into them, as if it is the world only with you, comfortable enjoy it every moment of good time. Belt integration and fold the skirt integration, beautify the overall body will be more exquisite lining.

学《虎妈猫爸》罗妈妈穿衣打扮 打造气质非凡的你

Quiet blue, away from the noisy city, the rest is their own quiet world. And beautiful shirt blend with each other for their own world add a colorful color. With a pair of white shoes, comfortable and elegant set in one, low-profile gas field from the inside to distribute.

Cotton and linen clothing brings not only personal care smooth skin and simple and comfortable and comfortable version, but also bring unexpected heart and casual as well as the suppression of the audience's temperament and aura. A simple, non-minimalist dress that makes oneself a woman who distributes self-confidence from the inside out. Become the same as Luo mother, even if the age of the elderly can still stunning the audience woman.

Credit: Jia Cai women's wear

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