MUBO fall new | autumn exclusive color: high gray

â–² Pantone 2015 winter color glacier gray


Pantone 2015 autumn and winter pop color glacier gray to become the new classic color. Gray has always been classified as a "basic color". However, its popularity has been staggering in recent years. It has replaced black as a new classic trend. The fashion people's love for it has not diminished. However, gray also live up to expectations. No matter how you wear it, it can make your look super look, because in the color ratio, if the gray ratio is higher, it will look better clothes texture, of course, looks more expensive.

MUBO秋季新品 | 秋季的专属颜色:高级灰

Gray meaning: sincere, calm, elegant. Gray is no color, that is, no hue and purity, only brightness. Optically, it is between white and black, is a non-chromatic and low saturation color; from the physical point of view, it stimulates the eye moderate, that is not blinding, nor dim, so that visual is not easy to feel Fatigue; in life, gray more varied complex, can show the decline, decadent sense, but also gives the impression of elegance, subtle, thought-provoking.

MUBO秋季新品 | 秋季的专属颜色:高级灰

Glacier gray is a rare cold color in the popular colors of 2015. The cold, low-key is not to cause any psychological pressure. On the contrary, with a quiet feeling, it is very relaxing.

MUBO秋季新品 | 秋季的专属颜色:高级灰

As long as the different shades of gray draped in the body, with the effect of the match is not only more black and white is more diversified, and greatly enhance the contrast of the texture and level, showing elegant and neat fashion style. Low-key and comfortable glacier gray represent timeless euphoria and quiet relief.

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