Summertime comfortable Sen Department of ladies with a quiet woman to make you a piece of paper

Sen system with a collection of fresh and literary in one, with a match is displayed in two different styles! By the majority of women like it. Xiao Bian today for everyone to recommend Italy Sen brand Sen Department of Women 's match, it is not fancy patterns, only a single calm color, in this noisy maturity, with their own out of a quiet and cozy, so you do A simple and quiet woman's paper, take a look!

意澳 - EALL.CZ

Pure white sleeveless cotton long sleeve shirt, A-shaped cut design, loose was thin, the perfect HOLD live Mori women's personality and atmosphere, reflecting the thick atmosphere of the Department of Sen, with the black seven leggings , Retro black Roman sandals so Mori women's personality Van.

夏日轻松惬意森系女装搭配 让你做个安静的女纸

Retro denim blue short-sleeved dress, personalized black ink dotted, very Mori temperament, coupled with the waist splicing careful machine design, even if the fat little girls are not afraid to wear, so that more relaxed and relaxed shape with casual, with A retro Bohemian woven bag with, so that your Sen Department style more stylish.

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