XXEZZ British style: Li Yuchun black temptation to deduce the ultimate Royal Sister Fan

Recently, Li Yuchun, the new "ambassador of South Korea's tourism," went to South Korea to cover the cover of the August issue of "CéCi Sisters." Spring and Autumn has always refused to skirt dresses actually put on British fashion brand XXEZZ black dress, a neutral day cool handsome image, interpretation of the ultimate Royal sister range children.

阿瑟斯 - XXEZZ

XXEZZ 英伦风尚:李宇春黑色诱惑演绎极致御姐范

Li Yuchun break the traditional dress of the dress, through the black Legging and waist Accessories avant-garde to wear long skirts become quite suitable for their own OP, 尽显 Queen temperament! Fashion queen, none other than spring it!

XXEZZ 英伦风尚:李宇春黑色诱惑演绎极致御姐范

According to the staff of the South Korean Bank revealed that spring wear XXEZZ stars dress and the Eagle TEE, are the exclusive custom made by the brand. Skirts and eagles print Tee mosaic thousands of top luxury diamonds, the world's limited edition! This shows that the charm of spring and spring can not stop, once again detonated bling bling trend!

Li Yuchun Royal sister Fan children with the same paragraph clothing XXEZZ global stores for sale! On the spring and more star interpretation XXEZZ British trend, please pay attention to or weibo.com/xxezz, Sina microblogging in the same period involved in interactive activities, have the opportunity to get the same paragraph Li Yuchun dress a!

In addition to Li Yuchun, there are many other stars favor this brand. XXEZZ is with the rapid trend of the wave of stars, launched a nationwide "everyone to do the star" theme activities, 3 fold to grab a full set of celebrities!

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