Fashionable blouse with short blouse

This May 5th hearing, "crop top" short shirt fashion style, from a large party dinner, to the streets, this kind of short-sleeved shirt is very popular with fashion people. The combination of short-sleeved tops and a high-waisted single-item over the navel is a wise choice for multiple purposes. It is also a dress style that creates a golden ratio. It has a high self-cultivation and a good proportion of a supermodel.


Short-skinned shirtless raglan sleeved T-shirt, long-sleeved version of the style, very European and American, is also very simple, with high-waisted Slim trousers, pants on the details of the design of holes to complete the effect of color.


Slim short-sleeved collar t-shirt, retro European style, with comfortable and very tasty casual pants and T-shaped sandals, slightly exposed belly, showing a unique style.


The lovely wave point is short T, the wave point is the design of the metal coating, very bright, loose and short version of the version, with the Slim jeans and pointed high-heeled shoes, stretch the lower body ratio.


Particularly delicate flowers printed short T, lively short version of the style, exposed waist, very Western style, lower body with slim jeans, showing a casual and generous style.


Three-dimensional wave T-shirt, a simple outline of a special range of children, wave dot pattern embellishment also sublimated sense of style, short paragraph, suitable for high-waist jeans, so that the whole body looks simple and more attractive. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Meryl shoes)

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