Send jade gifts with tips

In the current era, gift giving is not limited to giving only material, but more is the meaning contained in it, the connotation carried, and the gift of beauty and charm, in order to achieve the purpose of gift giving. Jade, as a natural and beautiful jade, is not only traditional and quaint, but also has an oriental charm. Wearing jade can not only change the magnetic field of the human body, but also bring more health protection to people.

There are many kinds of auspicious designs of jade gifts. The materials include characters, utensils, animals, plants, etc. The performances include praying for good fortune, peace and happiness, many sons and grandchildren, promotion and wealth, and happy events. The space for selection is enormous. The jade gift can not only express respect and love for the elders of friends, but also reflect their high taste. The jade gift not only means good, but also has a certain appreciation space, so it is the first choice for gift giving.


1. Ms. sent men's pendants to send: to avoid evil, Zhong Rong, ghosts, smooth sailing, high rise, instant wealth, dragon card, more than a year, Fu Lushou, a crystal clean, immediately sealed Hou, zodiac, Guanyin, all things, Yipeng Cheng Wanli and so on.

2. What kind of pendants should be sent by students: monopoly gimmicks, squid jumping dragon gates, high festivals, hopeful children, and even three yuan.

3. What kind of pendants are given by the baby: jade lock, small Guanyin, small Buddha, twelve zodiac, jade money, unicorn, peace buckle, etc.

4. What kind of pendants a businessman sends: Fu in front of the eyes, money to the rich, all the best, more than a year, immediately make a fortune, Jin Yu Man Tang, the dominance of the world, the spring breeze, the four seasons of wealth, Sanyang Kaitai, smooth sailing, success.

5. What kind of pendants the old man sent: The old man’s longevity, it is very meaningful to send the jade pendant, embody the blessings of the younger generation to the elders in the connotation of the pendant, let the old man smile. Common genres include: Fushou Shuangquan, Laoshouxing, Songhe Yannian, Fushou in front of the eyes, Jinbao Shoutao, Shoutao, Duoduduofu, Longevity, Guanyin, Buddha, Zodiac, Life Ruyi, Wufuhoushou, Helu with the spring, bergamot, longevity and so on.

6. What kind of pendants do couples and couples choose: the festive genre chosen by couples and couples: dragon and phoenix to wear, dragon style, and beauty, double happiness, multi-childity, heart lock, smile, beaming, Pei Pei and so on.

7. What kind of pendants are sent by the beloved: general men can send girlfriends: jade bracelets, jade earrings, jade brooch, Buddha, zodiac, gourd, and safety buckle.

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