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As the temperature gradually cool, the domestic silk market has entered the active period of production and marketing. The major shopping malls have put the silk was placed on the counter sales, consumer buying enthusiasm is also getting higher and higher. It is understood that the annual sales volume of silk in China has exceeded 12 million bed mark. Undoubtedly, China's silk industry has been firmly in the world production, sales volume first place. However, just as the market for silk flourished, some weird phenomena in the industry have eerily reflected a strange feeling. Silk on the market was, indicating that the same origin and raw materials, the price is a big difference. The cheapest only 200 to block, your more than a thousand dollars. At the same time, silk is also the name of the product is a pattern of overlapping. "Natural silk quilts," "winter silkworm", "fine silk quilt," "silk cashmere quilt," and so on, not only to the general consumer dazzled, even the average sales staff can not tell the difference between them, the domestic Silk is the degree of market turmoil is evident. Slightly confused: blindly buying consumers what kind of quilt is silk is it? This seemingly simple question is not what most consumers can answer. According to China's National Standardization Management Committee released in 2009 No. 9 notice issued GB / T24252-2009 "silk was" national standards point of view. Silk is refers to the mulberry silk, tussock silk as the main raw material, and fetal and fetal quilting quilt (including machine sewing and hand sewing) made of quilts. At the same time, the standard also clearly stipulates that silk as the main filler of the class can be called silk was, divided into pure silk was mixed with silk was two categories. One of the silk content of 100% is called pure silk was, silk content of 50% and above for the mixed silk was. At present, in major cities in China's shopping malls, the price of brand silk is also very confusing. From more than a thousand yuan to more than four thousand yuan of silk are, apparently the price is not affordable to ordinary consumers. Therefore, high-priced silk was sold in the market and no statistics show so hot. In the vast fibrous kingdom, natural fibers have been in the forefront for their excellent properties. Although the development of synthetic fibers is quite impressive now, the use of natural fibers still occupies half of the fiber industry. In the world of natural fibers only cashmere and silk are animal and protein fibers. At the same time as the cashmere fiber is keratin protein fiber, is the foreign minister, by contrast silkworm silkworm spit out is the most close to human skin. So, in some literature even the silk analogy for the second human skin. It is precisely because of the silk fiber with personal warm, fluffy, breathable health unique qualities and advantages. Therefore, the natural silk as a filler of silk was sought after by consumers. However, due to the price of silk in shopping malls is too expensive. As a result, the vast majority of consumers turn their attention to the wholesale household goods around the. In fact, these kinds of wholesale markets around China are the main sales channels for silk in China. Into a Chongqing Chaotianmen a household goods wholesale market, silk was advertised can be described as overwhelming dazzling. Except for a few local silkworms in Sichuan and Chongqing, there is more silk here from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. According to the observation, the wholesale market is dominated by the shops that make brands of manufacturers in Zhenze Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and Xiushui, Jiangxi Province. However, almost all of the stalls have played before the "live production" silk was the brand. Into a shop, the boss told us that the production of silk is 200 per catty, quilt free gifts, but need an additional 50 yuan labor costs. Bargaining process, the boss repeatedly stressed that consumers watching the production site, silk is super-class factory production, customers can be assured. See we still have doubts, she cut a ray of silk fibers inside. Then take out the lighter lit, immediately a smell of scorched hair spread out. Subsequently, she also told me by hand and then with a professional expression that I dare to say that this is 100% silk. If it is chemical fiber, even if it contains 0.01% of chemical fiber she did not dare to do so, because of the high temperature of chemical fiber burning, especially hot. In another store, the owner again thrown us an incredible concept. She said that the advantages and disadvantages of silk are mainly depends on whether the quilt with the machine is quilted by machine or hand-stitched. If the machine is quilted, it shows that the mulberry fiber is a lower staple fiber. The reason is that if the filaments are inside, the needle tip of the machine pokes the fiber. Therefore, only hand-stitched silk is the filler inside is 100% of the superior long-fiber mulberry silk. We naturally smile at the above-mentioned "nonsense" statements. We learned from the relevant experts, to identify the authenticity of mulberry silk mainly depends on the relevant instrument testing. Simply with the naked eye or fire and other methods are unscientific, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of identification. However, here to buy a 4 kg of silk was, the price is about 800 yuan. The price is only the mall where the sale of the cheapest brand of silk was half, then the sale of such shops inside is not really 100% silk as filler silk? Piracy: Small-to-Small-Sized Production Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, is one of the major silk production bases in China. In the streets and alleys of Tongxiang City, advertisements of silk enterprises are everywhere. It is understood that due to silk production is relatively simple, low technical threshold. Over the years, Tongxiang City, the production of silk is more and more manufacturers, sales are also growing. However, with the increase of local silk enterprises by enterprises, there are more and more problems of silk being exposed by the industry. According to China Silk Association experts, production of silk is the best material is double cocoon. Although it is impossible to process double-cocoon into high-grade silk, its fiber toughness is very good and the fiber length can reach more than 1000 meters, which is the best choice for making silk quilts. Lower than a double cocoon grade is made of secondary cocoon silk was. The so-called secondary cocoon, refers to the quality of the cocoon selected in the process of reeling silk. For example, pupae inside a cocoon die accidentally for some reason. After the pupal dies, a yellow or dark brown liquid contaminates the silk. Although this cocoon can not be processed into silk, but the cocoon itself is no problem, but also can be made better silk was. The price of secondary cocoons is relatively cheaper, but only silk is used, and the silk made with secondary cocoons does not affect its function as a quilt. In addition, there is silk made with tussah silk as filler. Tussah silk because of its fiber length less than silk, coupled with the wild stocking, so the price is relatively much cheaper. In fact, some scholars believe that tussah silk's toughness, warmth is also higher than silk, as a quilt filler it better than silk. However, there is still some controversy on this issue in academia. However, it is beyond reproach that the tussah silk still belongs to the natural animal protein fiber and is also one of the fillers that are qualified for silk quilts in compliance with relevant state regulations. In addition, there is a silk quilt that is currently used to create the silk quilts left over from the use of the remaining silks of silk enterprises. In fact, this kind of scraps in the past the most common approach is to use silk spinning. However, the silk is now popular in the market but it has also been used to create silk fillings. More seriously, the market is also found on the use of such waste made of cotton with other fibers that are not made of silk quilt. Although national standards, as long as the silk content of more than 50% of the quilt can be called silk was. However, apparently such a quilt made than 100% silk quilt, the quality can far worse. In the national standard also clearly stipulates that the blended silk must be marked on the product label specific types and content of silk. But in the current domestic market, the vast majority of silk is not included in the label is whether the silk is mulberry silk or tussah silk. Basically, natural silk is used to confuse the audience. So, how many ordinary consumers do not know the secret of the silk fiber inside? Tongxiang City, hundreds of large and small home textile enterprises. They have a clear division of labor, a special blend of cotton, and have specialized in producing their own brand of silk was brought to others OEM, as well as their own production is not specialized in the distribution of silk was the company and so on. In Tongxiang City, a silkworm by the manufacturer, the boss Du Huachun told us that this factory does not produce their own brand of silk was, that is, for others on behalf of the processing of silk was. All silk is packaged, signs, instructions, etc. are provided by the client. Customers want to bid mulberry silk superscript mulberry silk, superscript tussah silk superscript tussah silk. At the same time, silk stuffing inside are also all done according to customer's requirements. As for the production of silk is able to meet the national standards, Du honestly admitted he can not master. In his warehouse, crowded pile of ready-made silk products have been finished. Therefore, the product packaging, simply marked "silk was, first-class goods," the words. Du boss easily open a box, took out the silk inside is that here is the tussah silk. He also told us that silk made from 100% tussah silk is quite expensive. In general, few of his clients make such a request. From Du boss we also learned that since 2010, his factory has not produced a 100% silk fiber silk was. Mulberry silk expensive is marked mulberry silk, tussah silk cheaper is only marked as silk. In these small home textile enterprises, silk is vague elements, fuzzy silk types and content has become commonplace. So, the market a wide variety of silk inside the filler what other fibers? In Tongxiang City, another silk factory without a factory, their approach is even more direct. On the workbench of the workshop, workers' chefs are producing air conditioners for a Shanghai company. The filler they used was hollow cotton, but on the label of the product, it was imprinted with the words "silk, microfiber". Hollow cotton, is a kind of high thermal insulation cotton wool products, fiber raw materials for high-quality polyester and excellent performance of three-dimensional crimp hollow fiber, U-shaped hollow fiber and ES fiber, chemical fiber products. Fibrillated with chemical fiber fibers, businesses will undoubtedly receive high profits, but the damage is the average consumer. From the relevant experts in the silk industry we learned that, due to process reasons, silk is generally no way to blend. Really out of the question, you can make the article Blended mainly tussah silk, because the tussah silk raw material used to carry on further processing after the machine. In the process, it is possible to blend with other fibers. Subsequently, we found a device called "Air Deformation Machine" in a local cotton yarn manufacturer. It is said that this equipment is imported from Japan, specializing in a variety of fibers through the compressed air flow staggered and blended into a special yarn. The workers next to the machine are busy stuffing some unspeakable ingredients into the stopper. The other side of the machine is uniform out of a flocculent fiber. After inquiry that the production was tussah silk with kapok fiber blended silk filler. Kapok fiber, derived from a plant born in China's southwest of the fiber, the main origin in Yunnan. Kapok fiber length, color and feel are very close to the tussah silk fibers, but the price is much cheaper than tussah silk. The products blended by the two are not only ordinary people, but also most people in the industry are hard to distinguish. Most of the clients specify that such fibers should be filled with silk. Currently, silk blended with 50% tussah silk and 50% kapok fiber is the most widely sold silk quilt on the market. However, they are all hung with natural silk without exception, first-class goods like the ambiguous logo posing as 100% deposit silk quilt. In addition, there are some manufacturers in order to meet the needs of customers, the pursuit of greater benefits. With tussah silk blended with chemical fiber to make even worse quality silk was. What is more, simply using kapok fiber blended with chemical fiber, soybean fiber and chemical fiber blended to pretend 100% silk. In their industry, 50% cotton and 50% synthetic fiber products called "50 cotton." This is the "50 cotton" in Tongxiang, the local price of only 14 yuan per catty or so, with its mock silk to be profiteering even as high as 1000%. In the chain of interests of fake and shoddy silk, all parties have formed a model of "joint responsibility" for common fraud. Cotton spinning enterprises specializing in a variety of fiber blended to produce silk was the filler. As for the home for such stuffing, cotton spinning enterprises do not have to worry about. In this way, even if it is checked by the relevant government departments there is no relevant evidence and can not be dealt with. Although every link in this industry chain know that they are making fake silk. However, under the tremendous temptation of interests, they are all wearing self-deluding activities that have nothing to do with oneself. Just do not know, their conscience will feel a hint of unease? To make things in the dark: the crazy sales of the retailer silk is used as household items for every household, the vast domestic retail market is undoubtedly its most important sales positions. However, many of the unspoken "unspoken rules" and bizarre "activities" are hidden in the places where the silk is sold. In the retail market, all the silk was left above a liner opening. Through this opening, consumers can directly see, feel the silk was inside the cotton. However, this opening is a great "mystery." Normally, in order to fix the face and the fibers inside. Manufacturers will be sewn on the silk was dense lines, these lines just be silk was divided into large and small "grid." The opening, only to see itself this "grid" in the filler of the true colors. As for the whole bed quilt, what other stuffing, consumers simply do not know. Even this small opening, the largest, but 7,8 cm, the smallest can only reach into two or three fingers. And, under normal circumstances, salespeople do not allow customers to view the inside of the silk out. Therefore, consumers want to see through the liner on the silk inside the opening of the filler is the same as the opening, it is basically impossible. In the front, we mentioned a 4-pound heavy silk produced at the household goods wholesale market at a price of only 800 yuan. However, if the consumer is bought for gifts, this simple packaging silk was embarrassed to take out his hand, how can we do? In fact, consumers do not have to worry about, careful business has already prepared for the customer everything. After paying an additional $ 20 in packaging costs, the salespeople quickly brought a beautiful brand of silk from outside the box to the outside. Impressively in the box above the price tag of 2280 yuan, and marked 100% mulberry silk. In this way, a silk posing as brand-name products was swaggering to the hands of consumers. It is understood that the production of silk is simple, determine the quality of the main factors depends on its internal filler. Unfortunately, there are considerable problems with fillers of silk currently on the market. In addition to the aforementioned non-silk fibers posing as silk, mixed silk was posing as pure silk was the case. There are silk fillers filament sheath short silk, silk sheath tussah silk or silk sets of chemical fiber and so on. In other words, this type of silk inside the outer layer of filler is mulberry silk or tussah silk, which is wrapped in waste silk or even chemical fiber. Silk is fake patterns can be described as a variety, one after another, people are hard to detect. The leadership of the China Silk Association asserted that half of the silk currently on the market is reliable and the other half unreliable. At the same time, due to silk sales channels are very complicated, there are sales in the mall, there are the production site, there are sales in the supermarket and so on. It is said that in some places it is even possible to buy silk by Medicare card at pharmacies. This gives us the relevant functional departments of supervision, inspection has brought considerable difficulty. In the regulatory authorities to further intensify law enforcement at the same time, the silk industry parties must also be strictly self-discipline. Silk enterprises are only strictly controlled by the quality of their products off, do not be confused by immediate, temporary interests. Refuse to produce fake and shoddy silk was, a true indication of the composition of their products, fiber content. Allow consumers to plainly, be assured of the purchase of silk products, the entire industry can be healthy and orderly development.

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Women`s skirt


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Women's Skirt

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