Italian jewellery is formed in a thousand years of history

Italy, the romantic old country in the Mediterranean, in its lazy golden sunshine, people drink coffee in a slow half-step, taste the wine, watch the beauty of the car, talk about which aperitivo to go after the sun goes down. (Aperitif and snacks before dinner). Then, those world-famous jewels were born in the hands of those who are always eager to enjoy life, branding clear Italian characteristics, and being continuously transmitted to all parts of the world, deeply affecting different countries. The lifestyle of the people.

When you carefully observe the design style of Italian jewellery and truly understand the characteristics of Italian jewellery creativity and personality first, you will understand that only by analyzing the personality characteristics of Italians can you fully understand the uniqueness of Italian jewellery, and these characteristics are formed by bit by bit. In the long history of Italy for thousands of years.

The early Italian jewellery style was influenced by the Etruscan civilization before the Roman period. The gold of the ancient Etruscan period is most respected for gold. Both men and women like to wear gold ornaments, and people will wear gold rings on all ten fingers. So until today, gold is still the most favored material in Italian jewelry design, and the level of Italian jewellery craftsmanship for gold forging skills is also one of the few in the world.

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