"Yangyang Eight Companions" MIK&LA Mi Laira gracefully turned and set sail

In April, refreshing early summer, the earth is refreshed and its life is overflowing...

In the renewal of all things, MIK&LA Mi Lala also ushered in fresh joy - Liyang Yaohan Mall MIK & LA Mi Laira counters change curtain!

MIK&LA Mi Lala presents a complete fashion image from the clothing accessories collection, which not only satisfies the dress needs of fashion women in everyday, business, PARTY and other occasions, but also designs handbags and belts for each series. Jewelry and other accessories, all with elegant temperament to make fashion women in all occasions are dazzling. MIK & LA Michelin terminal fashion consultants for each customer carefully selected suitable clothing and accessories, providing the latest international fashion of the season Trend information allows every customer to enjoy advanced customization services here.

MIK&LA Michula counters are unveiled with a brand new look . Replaced by the previous single-tone dark background, replaced by soft light with a warm sense of happiness, there is no excess element, the store emphasizes the spacious sense of walking shoppers , design Very visual space, simple and refined decoration, furnishings, every detail is elegant. Stay for a while, and browse through a fashion magazine. In an elegant and delicate gown, you can easily experience MIK&LA's modern and stylish beauty.

Standing at the forefront of international fashion, MIK&LA Mi Lala always adheres to customer demand-oriented and masters the direction of the market . In terms of humanities, MIK&LA Mi Laila pays attention to the customers' mutual recognition in life philosophy and treats them in lifestyle. It is your responsibility to present the intimate friendship and noble lifestyle that modern urban women love. To find elegant and happy you will find an elegant and comfortable life.

Elegant, comfortable, and international, MIK&LA Mi Laira continues to interpret the wave of international fashion and reinvent the classic charm!

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