Light-footed shoes are easy to induce foot movements

Barefooted boys and girls wearing sports shoes and shoes are one of the incentives for the occurrence of athlete's foot; “pet rickets” are actually transmitted to humans, causing people to get rid of body tinea and athlete's foot etc.. Recently, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association dermatologist branch in Shanghai The published "Analysis of the Foot and Sickness of the Patient's Life" shows that nearly 90% of the athletes consider that this "difficult to addiction" has an impact on their mood and mentality. Even 80% of the patients believe that this affects work and socialization.

When you are with a stranger you will feel irritable.

Because wearing pointed shoes is too tight, too crushing toe nails, coupled with hot and humid air inside the shoes, leading to fungal infections, triggering onychomycosis; many women because of wearing boots with short skirts, the results bored enough ... ... the United States Therefore, women do not dare to wear open-toe sandals, and even use "nail" to cover up the "snacks" on the toenails. In fact, "nail" may also aggravate the condition.

Because they do not want others to see their feet, they cannot wear their favorite shoes and socks, and the fun of living is reduced. Even when they are with a stranger, they may feel embarrassed and feel irritated. According to the survey, 75% of rickets patients said that swimming, visitors, travel, footbath and other daily life, work and social activities will be affected; there are more than half of the patients because of itching affect insomnia; 40% of patients may also be complicated by bacterial infections .

Professor Wang Aiping, Secretary General of the Medical Fungi Committee of the Chinese Functure Society and Department of Dermatology, the First Hospital of Peking University, said that indiscriminate use of external medications or simply using only external medications is not enough, and there are considerable hidden dangers. This is an important cause of recurrence of athlete's foot. the reason. Professor Sun Jianfang, deputy director of the Institute of Dermatology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, pointed out that because of the busy work and fast-paced life of some patients, it is difficult to adhere to regular medications. Some patients feel that they are living in a group and it is inconvenient to apply external medication. Repeated attacks.

Light-footed, air-proof shoes are easy to induce foot movements

Recently, many young people have popularized a new method of wearing shoes: bare-footed shoes, light-footed sports shoes, and leather shoes. Experts pointed out that this is an inappropriate way to wear shoes. In particular, barefoot shoes are easy to induce.

Associate Professor Xiang Leihong, deputy director of Huashan Hospital Dermatology, suggested that keeping feet clean and dry is a prerequisite for preventing the occurrence of athlete's foot. In addition, athletes and athletes should penetrate good shoes and socks, do not wear rubber shoes, sports shoes; shoes and socks should be regularly exposed to dry; in public places such as swimming pools, bathrooms, do not use public towels, slippers, etc.; do not mix with others Wear shoes socks so as not to re-infect; after washing the feet, it should be wiped off; people with more sweating can use scorpion powder.

Because athlete's foot is the disease that is caused by fungi, it is the highest. Unbearable itching, scaling, and blistering are the main symptoms. The reason why athlete's foot occurs repeatedly and cannot be cured is related to the patients' misunderstanding and irregular treatment. According to analysis by Prof. Xiang Leihong, 57% of patients applied external medication twice a day and persisted for less than a week; 82.5% of patients applied external medications twice a day for less than two weeks, and even stopped medications early, resulting in incomplete cure. ,Recurrent.

Keeping pets to avoid cross-contamination of fungi

Ms. Li recently became infected with tinea. She always loves cleanliness. She wonders: Where does the fungus come from? After careful investigation, the original fungus actually came from a pet dog she had raised for three years. The pet's sickness on the dog was actually passed on to the owner.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Department of Dermatology of Huashan Hospital, etc. that due to the "pet rickets" will be transmitted to people, so that people may also be infected with all kinds of related rickets. Professor Zheng Zhizhong, director of the Department of Dermatology of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and director of the Department of Dermatology at Huashan Hospital, said: "Some fungi such as Trichophyton rubrum are zooplankton bacteria that may be transmitted from pets to humans, causing people to become infected with rickets."

Experts advise that when keeping pets, pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. At the same time, check the pet regularly to prevent the fungus from cross-contaminating each other.

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