Mink prices have been cut Zhejiang many fashion companies feel the pressure

From February this year, the Copenhagen Fur auction began, the rising mink auction price finally began to decline. To June's Copenhagen fur auction, the auction price decline in the largest species of mink, from the highest point has been "cut." Mink raw material prices ups and downs, so that many fashion companies in Zhejiang feel under pressure, the Chinese leather, fur industry has entered a new round of adjustment period. However, one good news for consumers is that insiders predict fur fashion is more stylish and affordable this winter. The price of mink dropped the most. The fur export volume in Denmark, a major power for the fermenting mink, accounted for one-third of the total fur import in China under the strong demand in the Chinese market in recent years. The price of the Copenhagen Fur auction, also due to the arrival of Chinese buyers, gained nearly 100% in the previous five years and the average price of mink reached about 600 yuan each. Raw material prices, promoting the rise in clothing prices, not only consumers, businesses and shopping malls also felt a bit too much. From the beginning of the auction season in February this year, mink prices in Copenhagen auction started to plummet. By the June auction in Copenhagen, the biggest drop in mink prices had fallen by half from the highest point. However, some companies noted at the auction that not all varieties are falling in price. "A few days ago, I just took part in the June auction in Copenhagen." Mr. Zheng, head of Zhejiang Europe Sidina Garments Co., Ltd., told the reporter: "Some ordinary or quality mink varieties, indeed, But some good quality leather, such as this season's white mink, the price there is not a small increase, which also shows that the market is more rational choice. "This winter fur fashion will be more stylish and more affordable China Leather Association vice director Long, chairman of Haining China Leather City Ren Yifa said: "The price of the Copenhagen Fur auction fell, for some large inventories of enterprises, the pressure will be very large, the value of the clothes on the warehouse has shrunk, and the inventory of small businesses , It will usher in a wave of opportunities. "Any law believes that the auction system of fur raw materials, the impact of the original business is relatively large. A fur fashion, which can even cost as much as 80% of the cost of raw materials. From the price fluctuations point of view, as long as the Chinese market is good, all the way into the capital, the auction price will soon increase. Therefore, the industry's enterprises are not willing to see this ups and downs. "For the enterprise, to step up by improving the design level, strengthening the brand operation to achieve new breakthroughs." Any law said, "For consumers, This winter fur fashion will be more stylish and more affordable. "Wang Honghui, deputy general manager of Haining China Leather City, believes that raw material prices at home and abroad have declined, will be conducive to the rational return of the price of Chinese leather, fur clothing and related products, but At the same time need to beware of overcapacity phenomenon. Changes in prices will make the development of enterprises appear differentiation Recently, 2014 China Leather Fashion Week and related activities, the reporter noted that with the fall of the price of leather raw materials, this year's autumn and winter leather, fur clothing and luggage and other leather products styles, pay more attention Personalized, high quality, cost-effective. Businesses are also talking more about industrial restructuring and product innovation. "With the price differentiation of mink, the development of enterprises will also be differentiated in the future. Enterprises with low quality and large inventories will find it difficult to develop their own businesses, while those with strong design capabilities will develop better," said Mr. Cheng. This view has also been supported by Mr. Li, the head of snowfly fur fashion: "We are more concerned about the added value behind fur fashion. This year we added a lot of elements in our design that are close to life, hoping to shift consumers' attention to the material itself Concept. "In addition to fashion business, the professional market is also facing an adjustment period. Any law believes that the current economic environment is still complicated, affecting the overall market purchasing power. At the same time, due to the rapid development of the industry in recent years, there are also many capital inflows. A large number of shopping malls and specialized markets have emerged in various places, which has also led to signs of disorderly competition in the industry. For Haining Leather City, will face the reality to make appropriate adjustments, "At present we are considering going to foreign layout, the president of the Turkish Leather Association invited us to open a local market.In addition, the same direction of development, we will Adjust the speed of development in the future expectations. "Any law said.

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