The meaning of tiger eye


Do you know what is a tiger eye? Tiger's eye, or tiger's eye stone, is a gemstone with a cat's eye effect. It is mostly yellowish brown with a silky light in the gem. Tiger eye stone is one of the varieties of quartz, which can be made by using pseudo-crystals made of blue asbestos fiber. Today, Xiaobian is here to tell you the meaning of the tiger eye.

The tiger's eye is a holy stone of the Indians. His vital energy like a tiger's eye makes it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers, to understand self-discipline, to resolve their pressures, to achieve their goals, and to live a happy life. The flowing tiger's eye flashes with the light of wealth, has a strong vitality, and has the effect of reaping wealth and evil spirits. Indians regard it as the most prestigious symbol of the sacred stone. The ore is shale, so it has crystals arranged neatly, which reflects the ray of light like a cat's eye. It is generally black and yellow, like tiger's grain and red. Black and white, called red tiger eye stone.

The tiger's eye stone can exert the power of the king, making it easy to reach an agreement, the name is profitable, and it has the effect of avoiding evil and fortune and gathering wealth. A jewel that can inspire courage and bring confidence to the courage; to do things consistently, to be able to adhere to principles; to strengthen the vitality of the body, to be worn by people who are sick or sick, or who have just healed.

Change: The ruler of the shepherd is Mars, and Mars is also known as the red planet, so the red tiger eye is also suitable for shepherd. Legendary red gems represent flames, desires, conquests, aggression, and vitality, and can resolve conflicts. In terms of the personality of the shepherd, they are the first constellation in the zodiac, like the newborn baby, they have a strong vitality, because of the straightforward personality, it is inevitable to do things, so wear the lucky red tiger eye Stone helps to avoid bad things.

The red tiger eye stone can enhance the energy of the meter, which is one of the “Nine Stars” in Chinese mythology; it represents the North Intersection in Chinese astrology, and the positive character of Jupiter in Jupiter at the North Intersection; in Indian Astrology Represents a fierce star, but it has a supporting effect on shepherd. Therefore, wearing red tiger eye stone can enhance the energy of the meter and change the unfavorable fortune.

Strong body: Red tiger eye stone is a sun wheel gem. The gold-red color light corresponds to the umbilical wheel and also corresponds to the sun gear. It has the function of re-purifying and adjusting the body discomfort after overeating, and can bring warm feeling to the body, which can quickly improve the symptoms of cold and asthma and bronchitis. Can use her own energy to strengthen joints and bones, and calm the nervous system of calming metabolism.

The meaning of the tiger eye is so much for everyone, I hope to help you.

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