The influence of Buddhist culture on jade

Buddhism (Buddhism Buddhism-Buddha-s/āsana or Buddhānus/āsana, Bally-Buddha-sāsana. Note: / represents a small 上面 above.): The earliest worldwide religion, dating back more than 3,000 years, by ancient India The prince of Kabira Luo (now in Nepal) was created (refer to the Buddha's birthday); the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor was officially introduced into China by the Silk Road. Taking root in China, it has a relatively important position in Chinese history and is integrated into the bones of Chinese culture. Although not everyone believes in Buddhism, the culture of Buddhism has been deeply integrated into our lives. Jade culture with more than 7,000 years of history is closely related to the development characteristics of Buddhism.

After the introduction of China, Buddhism formed a unique Chinese culture, which was constantly influenced by literature, art and other aspects in the process of development. Buddhism is the product of spiritual culture, and jade is the embodiment of material culture. There are also many Buddhist images in jade. They influence each other and inspire each other, and they all have a profound impact on Chinese culture.

As a material culture, jade has different meanings in each historical period and occupies an important position in the development of Chinese civilization. The so-called jade culture is the process of transformation and understanding of jade in the process of practice. This process is rich in jade. At present, the research on the jade production system and the study of the academic history of jade and the study of Buddhist culture are also very in-depth, but the current research on the mutual influence of these two important components of Chinese traditional culture is still limited, but Certainly they have an inseparable connection.

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