Win Men's Fashion Campaign - "MENSEYE Men's Eye" Fashion Men's Spring / Summer 2013 New Grand Release

August 20, the well-known fashion men's brand "MENSEYE men's eye" 2013 spring and summer new conference in Yangcheng Clifford Hotel grand! As a leader in the field of domestic fashion men's wear, the MENSEYE men's eyewear spring / summer 2013 new conference will be the perfect fashion, exquisite and elegant international men's fashion trend most vividly to the presence of nearly 600 elite dealers from all over the country , Agents, department store executives, customers and other interested customers brought unlimited surprises, but also by the many mainstream fashion media attention, again MENSEYE men's fashion men's fashion industry and the public's field of vision! According to reports, the MENSEYE men's eyes spring and summer 2013 new conference gives MENSEYE men's eye fashion brand new definition. Clothing in the era of brand-name clothing has not only pay attention to style, fabrics, etc., but also the need to fashion experience and culture blend in the popular elements, to bring people a unique brand experience. In the new conference, in order to meet the needs of consumers on different occasions, dress code, MENSEYE men's eye spring / summer 2013 in the past, the main push of the "Fashion Metropolis", "Business Fashion" series of apparel based on the addition of a new series - - "Natural Casual" series. In the wonderful interpretation of dozens of models will be more than 400 models MENSEYE men's eye 2013 spring and summer new products presented eleven, exquisite, elegant, stylish, self-cultivation product style by the guests at the scene unanimously appreciated! According to MENSEYE men's eye design director introduced the fashion city series of product style is characterized by exquisite, elegant, with excellent, high quality, comfortable fabrics in the Slim version of the fashion series will highlight the exquisite details, formal dress shirts to soft, changeable The combination of traditional and popular collar design, with stylish self-cultivation suits, lined with exquisite business accessories, so that elite men in business meetings, banquets and other occasions with confidence, smart, elegant and stylish look of every aspect of self. Business fashion series mainly suitable for leisure occasions, products to T-shirts, sweaters, cotton yarn shirt, casual pants and other fashion casual wear without losing the main casual wear. Whether it is the choice of fabric, color, elemental design are all in line with the urban elite aesthetic requirements of elegant life. Mainly for urban elite work in the weekday, communication wear. Nature's most important feature of casual series is the nature of fashion and nature, better able to meet urban elite wear in the leisure time needs. Clothes version of the type more loose, loose, the main material for the cotton and linen, in the casual, comfortable with the combination of natural with casual series, so that urban elites in the weekday enjoy the leisure time, swaying elegant leisure. It is reported that with the improvement of the income level of domestic residents and the increasingly close cultural exchange with other countries, the concept of consumers is constantly changing. People pay more and more attention to the beauty and comfort of the dress, and the demand has also begun to be subdivided into work and leisure , PARTY and other different occasions need to show a different self, with a different dress to show themselves. Therefore, the brand apparel products that choose to show their own tastes have become the pursuit of more and more consumers. The fashion retailing industry characterized by "fashion, sophistication and elegance" has witnessed rapid development. It can be seen, the rise of young men and fashion men's clothing is a trend in the future development of men, with a vast space for development. MENSEYE Men's Men's founder found a forward-looking vision of this market potential and to promote it, after just a few years of development, it won the market's highly praised this year's overall economic downturn MENSEYE male Eye brand contrarian and created a good sales performance in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Harbin, Changchun, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu and other places opened more than 300 stores and counters.

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