Iraq's all-round innovation to create Iraq's underwear industry model shop


In order to promote the rapid development of the Iraqi beauty brand, so that the Iraqi beauty brand as soon as possible infiltrated various regions of the country to support the development of key brands in the region, Iraq's the United States underwear brand is recruiting model stores nationwide, where applied to the model shop franchisee, , Free brand maintenance fee, free home training, reimbursement decoration fees, gift shop materials and gifts, 100% exchange of goods.
Iraq's beauty brand's goal is not shop, is to create a model for underwear industry!
The beauty of Iraq:
1, 15 years of industry experience, professional management team, first-class marketing personnel, high-quality product quality is your guarantee of successful business.
2, product design lead the trend, the company has its own research and development and production, style update speed, new products market faster, allowing you to take the market a step ahead http://


3, lingerie joining stores, outlets, covering most of the country agents, terminal sales network mature, broad, can provide fast, comprehensive resource for information sharing
4, the replacement rate is high, the first purchase of underwear can be 100% within 3 months exchange, after the opening of the new market, the company can be free trial sales, franchisees on an regular basis to make excessive inventory adjustments.
5, the company free to join the business people tailor-made ERP management software for the first time partners can understand the store inventory, sales, salesperson management, headquarters of the product inventory, new listings, etc., of course, scientific product ordering, Reduce single point inventory pressure.
For details, please refer to: Iraq's beauty lingerie model shops shop plans

Canvas Tarpaulin

Canvas Tarpaulins are made from 100% cotton or heavy duty polyester fabric, rust resistant grommets are on sides and corners, with rope reinforced edges. Canvas Tarps are more eco-friendly than poly and vinyl tarps.

Canvas Tarpaulin


  •   High density
  •  Tear resistant and waterproof
  •  Dust resistant
  •  High breath-ability
  •  Long lasting
  •  Wind protection
  •  Mildew resistant
  •  Wearproof
  •  Double-stitched hem


  •  Storage/warehouse/cargo cover, etc.
  •  Tent/marquee
  •  Ground sheet, picnic mats    
  •  Picnic mats, beach mats, privacy walls, wind protection
  •  Automotive covers, canal lining, wind break for poultry farms, etc.

You can choose any color and any size, the general weight is 300GSM to 1000GSM.
According to different quality of canvas tarpaulin, lifespan is more than five years.

Canvas Tarpaulin

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