At the same time! "High-end children's clothing industry analysis report" Nike and r100, Adidas once again met!

In the just-released “Analysis of the competition situation of the high-end children's wear industry in the international market”, we once again saw the low-key entry of the German r100 fashion sports brand into the Chinese mainland market with his global rivals Nike and Adidas again. Shantou Mikaiao Clothing Industry Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the German r100 fashion sports brand in China, also appeared in this report and was considered as one of the key enterprises in the high-end children's clothing industry.
According to the analysis of the "high-end children's wear industry international market competition situation analysis," the analysis shows that in recent years, urban residents have continued to increase the consumption of children's wear of various types, with an annual growth rate of 26.5%. The consumer demand of the Chinese children's wear market has met the basic needs of the past. The utility model has begun to turn to the fashion-oriented pursuit. In some economically developed cities, consumer demand for children's wear tends to trend and brand.
From the perspective of the consumption level of the children's wear market, the demand for medium and high-end products has grown rapidly. Middle-income households, middle-upper income households and high-income households showed a significant upward trend in the consumption of children's wear, while the lowest income households, low-income households, middle-level and lower-income households showed a downward trend. This shows that middle-income groups have become the subject of children's wear.

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Current reading: The same field competition! "High-end children's clothing industry analysis report" Nike and r100, Adidas once again met!

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