Marketing is a soft war

Success comes at a price, and unsuccessful will pay a higher price!

The world is carrying on two kinds of wars at the same time: hard war and soft war

The means of hard war is killing, and its organization is the army;

The means of soft warfare is marketing, and its organizational form is enterprise.

The former acquires wealth in a state of bloodshed; the latter acquires wealth in a state of peace.

The former is confined to a limited battlefield; the latter is to compete in a market without borders.

Foreign companies in China use the water on Chinese land to let Chinese people sell and sell them to Chinese people. Every year, billions of real money are returned to the United States.

This makes soft war!

When the golden arches of McDonald's and the old man of KFC are familiar with us, McDonald's and KFC are opening faster in China, and the speed at which they are taking away the wages of Chinese people is also accelerating;

When Nippon Electric and Japanese MSG advertised in China, we spit money from the eyes and the tip of the tongue to the Japanese;

Dell’s approach to the huge market is: “Distribute the market and then break it down”;

Kodak and Fuji have successively annexed almost all Chinese photographic film companies, which account for more than 80% of the Chinese photographic film market;

——The Japanese and European and American companies are in the huge Chinese cosmetics market, and the products cover almost all high-end cosmetics;

——“China is a more important area in Unilever's development strategy”, and Unilever, the president of Unilever, does not hide its ambitions for the Chinese market;

-- Ke Jierui, president of Procter & Gamble, said that among the more than 140 markets in P&G, China ranks in the top five;

—— Well-known Amway, whose high-priced and expensive products have annual sales of 10 billion yuan in the Chinese market, accounting for about a quarter of Amway's global market, is a large market in the world. That is to say, the Chinese who are not wealthy consume a lot of expensive products;


All these companies, all these people, what are they doing?

They are trying to sell their products to the Chinese people, trying to get the Chinese to save money, let more Chinese people save money, and let more Chinese people pay more for them. Then they brought the money back to their respective countries.

In other words, this is a war without bloodshed for wealth and wealth transfer.

This makes soft war!

Soft warfare is a group activity that aims at acquiring wealth, using enterprises as an organization, market as a platform, and marketing as a means.

Soft wars lead to poverty and affluence between people, leading to development and backwardness between regions, leading to strong and weak countries, leading to prosperity and elimination among cultures.

The same cruelty and the same thrillingness are also related to the rise and fall of the nation, the prosperity of the country and the life of every ordinary person.

As a consumer in this market, whether you are a common citizen or a nobleman, you are all involved in a soft war without exception.

Whether you are active or passive; whether you are willing or not, the company has already dragged you into the target as a target group.

No one has escaped, just as you can't escape the breath of air!

As long as you spend, as long as you save money, no matter what you buy, you have been called in this battle of wealth, you have been in this soft war until your life is no longer consumed.

In this soft war, Chinese companies face rare opportunities and unparalleled challenges.

The market is a bad teacher, and I haven’t taken the class yet!

No matter whether it is a stronger enterprise or a weaker enterprise, and there is no choice to be involved in this soft war, there is no retreat to participate in the competition and participate in this soft war. In this soft war, Chinese companies and entrepreneurs either grew up or were eliminated.

In the competition, many Chinese people's familiar names no longer exist: "Tianfu" Coke is no longer cola; "Rising Sun" is no longer rising; "Peacock" TV is no longer open; "Yan Dance" sound has already died down; Tianjin "Flying Pigeon" is no longer flying high; Shanghai "longer" is no longer long; "Rapex" has been remarried to outsiders...

It is precisely the "city-changing king flag", China's more than 1,600 "China's old-fashioned brand" with a long tradition of tradition, 70% has declined, 20% of business is bleak...

Why are Americans so powerful? Because they have some strong brands;

Why is the Japanese so powerful? Because they have a strong brand.

What does China think is not good? Because we lack a strong brand. The marketing of Chinese companies is not doing well.

"The people who are only satisfied with the processing plant will not be respected."

In the fierce competition and extremely limited resources, the growth of a few Chinese companies such as Haier, Lenovo, Huawei, and Yili has left a face to the Chinese people!

But this is not enough. Compared to the world’s fast-growing markets, compared to the world’s densely populated countries, we have failed for 20 years in a country with a history of 5,000 years. Too much, too little success. We are not qualified to find reasons to slack off ourselves.

Chinese companies and Chinese must be tough, grow up, and become passive in this grand, never-ending, cruel soft war.

No matter how bad the cards you get, a solution based on reality must exist.

As long as we master the three strategies of asymmetric competition, we can find the strength of Chinese companies to grow.

This is: cutting marketing strategy - pushing the opponent to one side; priority speed principle - using the "big flag mode" to restrain the "square matrix mode"; focusing on operational strategy - achieving stable vertical growth.

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