Caribeibei parents loaded with blue ocean-like maternal love

Mom's love for children, as broad as the blue sky, as deep as the blue ocean, children like free-flying birds, happy fish swim carefree like! Happy childhood should be inseparable from the happiness brought by the Calabbean parent-child yo. Beautiful and lovely girl should have such a beautiful clothes, white cotton lace is exquisite, lovely bow behind the big bowknot, round Princess Sleeve cute, pink little buttons and her mother echoes. Cotton denim fabric, comfortable breathable, light blue, bright and elegant, dark blue quiet, huh, huh, endless classic, quickly to your princess to wear it!

Advantages of Cotton Towels.

1. All cotton Towel series products are made of high-quality pure cotton, and the contact skin feels natural and comfortable.

2. Soft and fluffy, with good water absorption.

Dyeing all use non - toxic, non - polluting high - grade fuel dyeing, good color fastness, resistance to washing.

Appearance: 3, cotton towel whether printed or plain towels, as long as the materials standards, process home, must compare of bright colours, one soon go have a kind of novelty, and design printed clear, uniform loop, the hem neat.

4. Cotton towel feel: the quality towel is soft, and the touch is fluffy and elastic in the hand.

Towel Set

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