Step into the autumn combat home

Autumn is coming, the autumn weather is a little bit cold, and people who sleep at night can't afford to hurt. On a sunny autumn afternoon, would you also want to take the autumn bedding out of the sun and collect the items that are cool in summer? Violet home textile brand navigation for your home life, whether it is a home textile franchise store or exhibition hall, have also changed the autumn clothes, what are you waiting for?

First of all, we should put away the screens for mosquitoes, and the screens can't be smashed. Otherwise, the dust will fly. You can use tape to stick the newspaper to one side of the screen, then use the vacuum cleaner to suck it from the other side, and the dust will be sucked away. It can also be cleaned with a sponge: first press a sponge on the screen window, then use another sponge to pat the surface from the opposite side, the dust will stick to the sponge; it is also a good way to wipe the screen with ash water.

The fan probably won't be used anymore. At this time we should clean it and put it away. Note that the fan should be washed with oil detergent. The cleaning fan should be removed after removing the shield and removing the fan blades. The parts that are plated or painted should be cleaned with a rag, soapy water or detergent water, then wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth and then reset the removed parts. However, it should be noted that the fan blades of the electric fan are almost all made of plastic, so do not use volatile oil detergent to wipe.

Step into the autumn combat home

The mat that accompanied us for a summer is going to be collected. So how do we clean up? The mat should be hot and then sun-dried. First wash the mat and the gap with a brush and hot water, then dry it in the sun. It should be noted that in summer, the human body is prone to sweating, dander and dust enter the gap of the mat, and in addition to the humid environment, it is easy to breed mites, so it is best to burn the mat.

Household air conditioners are cleaned every year and once a month, mainly to clean the filter. After cleaning and disinfection, the doors and windows should be opened for about half an hour, and the ventilation function should be used until the residual disinfectant is volatilized and then put into normal use. It is also possible to frequently use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the indoors, while allowing bacteria, molds and mites accumulated in the air conditioner to be distributed as much as possible. Timely maintenance and maintenance of the air conditioner, especially pay attention to keeping the air outlet of the air conditioner unobstructed. This will avoid water accumulation and breed bacteria.

The items belonging to the summer are collected, so that the autumn is no longer cold, and the noble and elegant bedding of the violet home textile brand is laid. This autumn makes the room romantic and warm.

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