Castle Castro 08 autumn and winter shape: remodeled the classic era

08 autumn and winter style: remodeling of the classic era ------ 08 autumn and winter make-up hairstyle analytical profile elegant dish hair, chic bow embellishment, bringing a bit smart breath. With the foundation to create the Greek sculptural three-dimensional effect, thick and straightforward eyebrow inherited the bright makeup in recent years, the appropriate exaggeration of the eyeliner tells us to come to a new era. 2008 autumn and winter makeup continuation of the spring and summer bare nude makeup. In addition to the natural skin for a few consecutive seasons, exaggerated emphasis on the eyes, the use of long eyelashes or rough on the pick of the liner, the red lips, are the highlight of this season. The classic image of the 50's return to the stage again. However, it is different: emphasize a clear facial contour. Through the light and shadow level of shaping, so that the three-dimensional facial lines, to create a natural three-dimensional sense. Rhythmic curls, of course, also added a new element to elaborate these elegant ideas. Such as adding a level of richness, or through subtle changes in color to shape a new classic. At the same time, natural healthy foundation just emphasize a little three-dimensional feeling, elaborate eye and exudes natural gloss lips, make the whole more harmonious and noble. Even without the gorgeous jewelery and clothing, we can also be pale gold or burgundy retro hairstyle, enhance their aristocratic temperament, so graceful and graceful success of the European court turned noble daughter. Emphasized by the black eye liner is the highlight of the entire makeup, blush and lip is the choice of low-key character.

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