Xin Li to: New anti-mosquito function underwear

"Mosquito repellent" new products: 1 million on the scene to create the order

Xin Li from Wuhan underwear brand is one of the many winners in the 91st Session of the needle. As the brand introduced a series of special effect "mosquito" products - mosquito stockings and children's clothing, underwear and T-shirts, it got the orders from customers on the scene and reached a lot of cooperation.

According to Wuhan Xinli Knitting Co., Ltd., chairman of the introduction of Zhu Yi, mosquito effect with the product is a special processing methods, will have the effect of anti-mosquito agents dyed fabric which to go, the product is worn, you can avoid Mosquito finishing agent special function and release mechanism in the socks or fabric around the formation of 5 to 8 cm range of atmosphere layer. Especially in summer, its effect is very good, inside and outside the house can effectively stop the mosquito bites, there is "do not wear mosquito bite" effect. Moreover, products with this special effect do not impair the previous functionality of natural fibers and still retain the properties of natural cotton fibers with good hygroscopic properties, soft texture and comfortable wearing.

Among Xinli's newly added clients, most of them are in Northeast China and Henan. At noon on the second day of the show, two new customers have placed their orders on the spot.

One is from Zhengzhou, Henan new customers. The customer has been the agent of knitted underwear products, research and development team of eight individuals, from the beginning to develop anti-mosquito effect reagents. In the meantime, every summer, colleges and companies will conduct experiments on the reagents under development in Wuhan City. They will release stockings to Xinlilai Enterprises and some local colleges and universities free of charge in order to check the effect. Over the past five years, the funds invested in research and development projects have been about 300,000 yuan.

Finally, to pay off, the achievements of the project won two national invention patents --- "mosquito repellent" and "mosquito repellent textiles and processing methods." This time, just by the needle will be the industry platform, Xin Li to launch a new concept of mosquito products.

Zhu Yi introduction: "In this launch of new products, the main choice of the most representative of the stockings as a starting point, so the risk for the enterprise is also the smallest.This technology can also be extended to pajamas, underwear, nets , Sleeping bags, curtains, bed sheets, towels, etc. We hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers and promote to other categories, through technical cooperation or in the form of technology transfer. "

In fact, from the reaction of customers at the exhibition site, it is indeed very good. According to the introduction, the first day of the exhibition, Xinli to mosquito patents intends to cooperate with customers reached 50 to 60, some of them are fabric processors, and some for military manufacturers, as well as nets, sheets And other products processing manufacturers.

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