Footwear promotion gentle trap, who is the next winner?

The annual Spring Festival has been approached, and many returnees have begun to sweep their goods. As large as technology products, as small as daily necessities, and shoes as the most basic new year's shoes and clothes with demand products, are also often highly favored by returning consumers. At the same time, in order to achieve a win-win situation for sales and consumption or to obtain greater profit remuneration from them, businesses have also launched slogans for promotional profits. For shoes that are usually worth a thousand dollars, discounted sales at the end of the year are usually a hundred dollars. This is just like the founder of American IBM company Watson said: "Technology provides power for businesses, and sales promotion is for businesses to have wings." Of course, promotions play an invaluable role in product sales. However, it is worth noting that the success of promotional activities is often inseparable from the scientific promotion of their promotional programs. Promoters, promotions, promotional environments and other aspects are always closely linked to the entire promotion. If the merchant misses any of these points, it is likely that the promotional activities will not achieve the desired results, especially at the end of the year when sales are booming. It is also necessary for businesses to pay special attention to whether their promotional activities have been fully prepared. Only comprehensive planning can promote the sustainable development of the shoe product chain.

Nowadays, the footwear industry has become increasingly fiercely competitive, with homogenization of products and services, a similar store environment, and a single form of promotion. Most of the promotional activities on the market are based on price wars, and the whole market is a few folds, buy one get one, these two forms are the most common form of promotion in shoe terminal marketing, but also store promotions The most dazzling form, when this form of promotion is adopted everywhere in the market, the competition between brands is no longer a price competition, but more is the brand identity competition between brands, and this brand identity is the brand power. The contest, then in this context, how should the shoe business in the terminal's promotional activities to better open the market opportunities and increase product sales? In this regard, industry experts suggest that companies can further enhance the consumer shopping experience by organizing related recreational activities or adopting a series of novel competitive events, thus driving the blowout of sales of their products. Well, in this one, it is particularly important for the timely supply of shoes.

More in depth, if the current shoe company to expand the market line of shoes or open more market opportunities, then the ** buy-out order is the best way to sell the business means of supply. It is reported that this method can, to a large extent, provide a lot of space for the sale of shoe sales channels. For example, after launching a shoe, most of them would force the regional agent to order a part of the goods, depending on the size of the market in each region and the operating conditions. In general, this form of shoe promotion is very impressive. If it is a brand shoe, you need to give policy-based incentives to agents, in order to obtain a large number of new orders from the agents to improve the quality of the order. After all, only by properly assessing the proportions of styles and styles that are needed in various regions can the dealerships be more marketable. Relax return policy. In order to meet certain requirements, agents with a certain amount of orders will provide more relaxed return policies than conventional products, reducing the worries of agents. However, before the introduction of this policy, shoe companies must also be accompanied by a series of incentives for the sale of shoes, in order to avoid agents contempt for the promotion of shoes, so as to ensure the smooth supply of terminal shoes, so as not to affect the promotion of holiday shoes and overall profitability .

In addition, after a certain period of time for terminal shoe sales promotion, store managers must conduct sales analysis, summarize the sales of shoe products, and sum up shoes that need replenishment, stop ordering, and need to be observed. This information will become an important reference for the agent to adjust the order direction and the shoemaker’s specific R&D and production direction. With the help of traditional mobile phone messages, the penetration rate of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, and cell phone MMS is laid out for audiences in the area where the stores are located to inform the contents of the promotion activities. With the use of local newspaper media promotion activities, local newspaper media advertising costs are not high, and the design of print media on the pages of newspapers should be highlighted and bold. . For example, influencing the flow of people in the streets where the stores are located should be good at developing the effects of the shop windows, and grasping the display effect of the windows so as to attract the attention of the customers. For example, the display window of a typical store is usually a model display product. You can use "live models in the window display" and so on. Some companies are more adept at performing speculation on the streets and alleys, such as holding demonstrations of creative arts and models at the square in the pedestrian street.

It is also worth mentioning that, in the general concept of the business, most of the shoe promotion activities in the market are concentrated in the Spring Festival, New Year's Day and other major festivals, and often ignore the idea of ​​promoting sales in the usual or off-season period. In fact, the way of thinking about engaging in promotional activities during major festivals is correct, but it is important to note that due to the large flow of people in major streets, it is necessary to pay attention to simple and easy operation and easy understanding of the setup of activities, if the tedious activities are more To make customers stand still, even if the price of the event is low, it is advisable that the shoes must pay attention to the simplicity of the activities when carrying out promotional activities on major festivals. It is better to directly use the original price and how much the promotional price is. Promote. In addition, more activities need to be used to promote advertising. Especially for those off-season shoe sales promotion, we must pay special attention to the entertainment of the event so that consumers can discover the real experience brought by their promotional activities. In short, in this series of gentle promotion "traps", who can play a good "promotion" sales sword, whoever may become the ultimate profit winner in the shoe market, who will become the most terminal in 2012 Dazzling "a lot of money"?

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