Gift giving, how to give gifts

This is a kind of gift to the ancient ritual, and ritual this knowledge and culture is very deep, there are different characters and occupation, is extremely important to send gifts.

1. Borrowing flowers and offering Buddha

If you send local products, it can be said that the old family came to come, and some of them gave the other party a taste of the fresh, there are not many things, and they did not spend money, not specifically bought. Ask him to accept it. Generally speaking, the recipient's refusal mentality, which is afraid of your purpose, is expected to ease and will accept your gift.

2, dark crossing Chencang

If you are giving something like wine, you may wish to say that someone else sent you two bottles of wine to share with the other party, so that you can drink one bottle and one bottle, the gift is delivered, the relationship is close, and it is not exposed. Traces are not good.

3, borrowing horses to lead the way

Sometimes you want to give gifts to someone but the other person can't tie up with your gossip. You may wish to choose the gift-giving's birthday, and invite several acquaintances to give gifts, so that the recipients are not good at rejecting them. When you know that this idea is yours, you must change your opinion on you. It is a good idea to use the power of everyone to achieve the purpose of gift-giving.

4, transfer flowers and wood

Mr. Zhang had something to ask Mr. Liu to do, and wanted to send some gifts to clear it, and he was afraid that Mr. Liu refused and dismissed his face. Mr. Xiao Zhang’s wife is very familiar with Mr. Liu’s girlfriend. Mr. Zhang used his wife’s diplomacy to let his wife come to visit with a gift. In one fell swoop, the ceremony was also received, and the matter was done. Both are beautiful, it seems that sometimes it is straightforward. It’s better to attack the sport than to get back to it.

5, first said to borrow

If you are sending something, you may wish to say that this thing is also squatting in my house, let him take it first, and then buy it later; if it is money, you can say that you can take some flowers first. As long as you don't urge him to return, it will be sent for a long time, which can also reduce the psychological burden of the recipient, and the purpose of your gift is reached.

6, take the opportunity to lay eggs

A subordinate is favored by his superiors, and he always wants to return, but he has no chance. One day, he accidentally discovered that the calligraphy and painting set on the mahogany frame of the boss is a rubbing piece. It is not in harmony with the elegant furnishings of the home, just like his uncle. He is a well-known calligrapher in the country, and he has the hand-painted paintings he has presented. He immediately took the calligraphy and painting and took it to the frame. The boss not only did not object, but was very fond of it. The purpose of the gift was finally reached.

7, by way of bridge

You can say to the recipient at the ex-factory price, wholesale price, and discount price at the time of gift giving, and symbolically collect some fees from the recipient. The effect received is basically the same as the gift, and the recipient pays the money. When you receive something, you feel at ease and have no worries.

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