Yin Jiani use color light mood, ice cream tidal range children full of children

More than ten years of brilliant " Yin Jian Ni " lead the sweet fashion department ladies fashion trend: style close to the international fashion trends, into the minds of consumers like! Through considerate and comfortable wearing touch, rich color use, with a variety of combinations, value for money products, focusing on the young mentality of 18-25 years old women, highlighting the unique charm of "Yin Jian Ni"! Although the spring has quietly come down, it is still expected to snow, Yan Jia Ni color with light mood, ice cream when full-color tidal range children.


Fresh under the stripes to take a short youth invincible over the age of 18, afraid of the visual appearance of the bar on the choice of oblique striped hood


Zhao Yi Huan in Jessica summer filming, courage to subvert the sexy image of pure, cute little wildcat shape you like it?

"Yin Jian Ni" brand is divided into elegant GRACE, FASHION JEANS casual two series of products, the spring of 2013, Yin Jian Ni continue to meet the positive and positive seasons, with brilliant light and diverse colors to open a fascinating Avenue, clean Develop and calm change.

As heat resistant materials, Aoshen® Heat-resistant spandex provides excellent processing properties to clients, which are well used for circular knitting and covering with various accompanying yarn, especially suit for the fabrics which request strict dyeing conditions. Its elasticity and strength can remain above 80% after dyeing under 130℃.

Heat Resistant Spandex

[Technical Superiority]

1. The dyeing temperature can reach 130℃, soaking time is less than 45 min, thermal-setting temperature can reach 185℃, and the action time is less than 50 s (Pilot test is recommended for different conditions of dyeing and finishing );

2. Under strict dyeing and finishing conditions, the spandex yarn in fabric will not be yellowed or get sticky, and its elasticity and strength remain good;

3. Can effectively prevent the spandex yarn from break during dyeing under high temperature.


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Heat Resistant Spandex

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