In the dyeing and dyeing industry, how can we achieve 18% growth in the 12th Five-Year Plan?

In the dyeing and dyeing industry, how can we achieve 18% growth in the 12th Five-Year Plan? At the end of 2011, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Guidance Opinions of the Ministry of Commerce on Further Developing the Dyeing and Washing Industry during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan", requiring the washing and dyeing industry to accelerate the pace of facilitation, chaining, and standardization, and comprehensively improve service quality and development. Ways to change and structural optimization, and constantly improve the level of scale, branding, and modernization. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, efforts will be made to increase the average annual operating income of the washing and dyeing industry by more than 18%, and to exceed 100 billion yuan by 2015.

Spring is coming, the weather is warming up, and another year is about to enter the winter washing season. At present, the rapid development of the washing and dyeing industry in China benefits from the increase in people's awareness of consumption and the improvement of aesthetic taste. Modern clothing styles, styles, fabric materials, and processing techniques are increasingly diversified, and advanced washing technology and process requirements are becoming more and more intense.

As an emerging industry with rapid social development, China's washing and dyeing industry inevitably has some problems in the development process and hinders the sustained and rapid development of the entire industry. Then, in the dyeing and dyeing industry, how can we strive to increase our operating income by more than 18% annually during the 12th Five-Year Plan period?

1) Improve the industry standard system At present, some local standards have been issued. For example, Jilin Province has issued the “Measures for Solving Consumer Disputes in the Washing Industry of Jilin Province”, and some cities have also introduced “price-insured washing” measures. However, there are some regions where there is no reference to relevant standards and regulations in the dyeing and dyeing industry, and they can only rely on some “grace” that has no legal effect. The introduction and continuous improvement of the industry standard system is the core of the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry.

2) Improve practitioners' process technology, enhance service awareness, encourage new marketing methods to carry out technical training, adhere to service innovation, and improve service quality. Encourage dyeing enterprises to use new marketing methods such as telephone dialing, online booking, on-site service, and online payment.

3) Intensify research and development, equipment transformation, and upgrade the modernization level of the industry. Support brands with powerful dyeing and dyeing enterprises to strengthen technology research and development, equipment transformation, increase the application of new technologies, and upgrade the modernization level of the industry. At the same time, actively explore modern management methods including chain operations, Franchising, logistics and distribution, integrating industry resources, lowering operating costs, and increasing market share.

4) Strengthen post-service quality monitoring In accordance with the industry standard system, enterprises are encouraged to self-monitor, improve the quality management system for washing and dyeing within the company, effectively track the quality of dyeing and dyeing services, continuously improve service levels, and ultimately increase consumer satisfaction.

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