The 18th China International Textile Fabrics & Accessories Fair is about to start

Sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation, the 18th China International Textile Fabrics & Accessories (Spring-Summer) Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Spring and Summer” Expo) jointly organized by the Textile Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Frankfurt Exhibition (Hong Kong) Limited and the China Textile Information Center Fabrics Exhibition will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from March 28th to 30th, 2012.

The current fabric exhibition will use a total of eight exhibition halls in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) with an exhibition area of ​​50,000 square meters. According to the organizers, as of March 8th, 1,284 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions signed up and brought their latest products to the exhibition. Among them, there were 974 domestic exhibitors, 51 more than last year, 310 overseas exhibitors, an increase of 39 over last year.

According to the organizers, at the beginning of the preparation of this year's fabrics exhibition, the 9th exhibition hall of the International Exhibition Center was dismantled. The exhibition area can be reduced, and the registration of exhibitors is still very active. In order to alleviate this conflict, the organizer has made field visits and many parties After consultations and discussions, the planning of the exhibition hall was re-planned and the layout was greatly adjusted to make up for the lack of booth space due to the reasons of the exhibition hall and to meet the exhibitor's demand for exhibitors.

In this year's fabrics exhibition, overseas exhibitors are located in Halls 2, 3 and 4, which come from Germany, Italy, South Korea, China Taiwan, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Sweden, India and other 16 countries and regions. Companies from Italy will jointly display high-quality Italian fabrics in Hall 2 and bring the latest fashion women's classic fabrics to meet the needs of domestic high-grade fabric buyers. At that time, Hall 2 will set up an independent access control system. Visitors holding special invitations for overseas exhibitors are allowed to enter the tour and purchase.

Domestic exhibitors are located in Halls 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8. According to the end use, they are divided into: dress fabric area, fashion women's fabric area, casual fabric area, sports functional fabric area, shirt fabric area, denim fabric area and accessories area.

This year's fabric exhibition will also set up two fabrics fashion trend release areas, namely the trend fabrics of formalwear and fabric located in the 2nd floor of Hall 1 and the trend area of ​​women's fashion fabrics in Hall 8. This year's fashion trend release area will closely focus on the theme of the product, respectively, the interpretation and interpretation of fabric trends. At the same time, there will be 15 forums for this year's fabrics exhibition. Experts, academics and industry insiders will present fashion trends, market information and marketing strategies, textile technology, certification and testing, laws and regulations related to the law, and international trade. The latest information runs throughout the fabric exhibition and is shared with the audience.

The booth construction of this year's Beijing Fabric Fair has also changed its past image, using the same latest design and materials as the 2011 Shanghai Fabrics Fair, reflecting its greater functionality and aesthetics. In order to facilitate buyers to purchase products, the current fabric exhibition will also subdivide the individual product areas into professional divisions.

According to the briefing, the organizers have taken the opportunity to reduce the number of exhibition halls this year. From the inside out, the organizers have carried out a professional upgrade of the fabrics exhibition and a comprehensive upgrade of their services. At the time, the organizers will display their professional and international brand with a new look. Image.

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