Tin dioxide film and silicon heterojunction solar cell

Application Number: 200510111017.5 Application date: 2005.12.01
name: Tin dioxide film and silicon heterojunction solar cell
Public (announcement) number: CN1812136 Public (announcement) day: 2006.08.02
Main classification number: H01L31/042 (2006.01)I The original application number of the division:
Classification number: H01L31/042 (2006.01) I; H01L31/072 (2006.01) I
Award day: priority:
Application (patent) person: Shanghai Jiaotong University
address: No. 800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China, 200240
Invention (design) person: Zhou Zhibin; Li Youjie International application:
International announcement: Enter country date:
Patent agency: Shanghai Jiaoda Patent Office agent: Wang Xilin; Wang Guizhong
A tin dioxide film and a silicon heterojunction solar cell in the field of semiconductor technology. The invention comprises: a battery facing surface gate electrode, a fluorine-doped tin dioxide layer, a silicon dioxide layer, an n-type silicon substrate, an intrinsic amorphous silicon film, a phosphorus-doped amorphous silicon film, and an aluminum back electrode. The surface of the n-type silicon substrate is sandwiched between a fluorine-doped tin dioxide layer and a front surface of the n-type silicon substrate. An intrinsic amorphous silicon film and a phosphorus-doped amorphous silicon film and an aluminum back electrode are deposited. The invention reduces the series resistance of the film, and the intrinsic amorphous silicon film, the phosphorus-doped amorphous silicon film on the back surface and the silicon wafer form a high and low junction, which improves the electric output performance of the battery, has simple process and low industrialization cost. At AM1.5, 100mW/cm2 standard light intensity, the efficiency of solar cells is more than 13%.

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