Looking at modern marketing from guerrilla warfare

It is no stranger to the guerrilla warfare guerrillas. The guerrilla tactics applied by the guerrillas in the 8 years of the Anti-Japanese War have made the enemy stunned, and our army has gradually won through guerrilla tactics and gradually expanded into the regular army. The battle has made a great contribution, so how do guerrilla warfare and guerrillas use and exert their power? Please see the following:

The so-called guerrilla warfare is to divide the opponent by a single point of war, and to attack the opponent outside the opponent's expectation. The final strategic goal is to win at a single point, and then with the environmental background, the fire of the stars forms the trend of the original, and the single point plus the single point is the line. Four points can form a face, and then copy the tactics and battle results to form a face, implement a partial breakthrough, if all sides can win, then the general trend, the victory is in sight, then how is guerrilla warfare related to modern marketing?

Then there are two kinds of more common ways to fight: one is positional warfare, that is, hard-hitting styles, for capital strength, strategic equipment requirements are higher; second, guerrilla warfare, that is, the tactics of soft steel, playing smart For weapons and equipment, the situation of insufficient financial strength is very practical. Looking at the current business environment in China, the brands that are leading the way in all walks of life are basically the same, the status, technology, production management, marketing, How do weak and weak companies survive when advertising and other aspects are leading? How to break through?

I remember a book called "Who can't dance with elephants", so can elephants dance? How many elephants can jump? If you compare a strong enterprise to an elephant, you have a stable foundation, a strong strength, and a weak company is like an ant working hard, not eating enough, not being warm, and being trampled to death by an elephant at any time. The anti-risk ability is too weak. Imagine this. Is the situation ant fighting elephants to win? There should be two kinds of answers. If an elephant targets an ant, then the ant will die. For example, Shenzhen Huawei’s focus on the previous harbor network, even when the same kind of equipment is supplied, is lower than the market price, causing the harbor to be destroyed. Sexual strikes, so that in June 2006, we returned to Huawei. At that time, the sales of harbors were about 1 billion, and that of Huawei was about 22 billion. Imagine some gaps. Can ants use positional warfare against Huaye to win? Another example is the competition between Galanz air conditioner and Gree air conditioner in 2005. At that time, it was described as a dispute between two grids. Gree blocked Galanz air conditioners in the national channel, which triggered a serious loss of Galanz air conditioners. Until now, it still cannot be lifted. In this battle, Gree is the leader in the air-conditioning industry, and the channel advantage is particularly prominent. As a new intervener in the air-conditioning industry, Galanz is directly escorted to the boss, and is blocked by the Gree channel, so there may be people complaining about Gree. Strong, the snobbery of the channel, it is true that the leader suppresses the competitors. The channel is high and the profit is the map. Therefore, the ants must look at their position and carefully choose the right strategy and tactics to survive and develop.

The second case is that if an elephant targets a group of ants, then the elephant will never be able to trample the ants, unless the ants give up their own survival, such as Nokia, Motorola, etc. in the mobile phone industry, the foreign brands in the battle for domestic mobile phones, some domestic famous brands Bird, TCL, Amoi and so on can not stand the battle of positional warfare, loss and success, and the future is worrying. On the contrary, some foreign brands can not see the opponents Tianyu, Jinli and other brands adopt their own guerrilla tactics, such as increasing channel rebate, TV Direct marketing and other strategies, but lively and fascinating, and gradually grow and grow, according to analysis, Tianyu has received huge capital injections from Shenzhen Foxconn and the United States Huaping Fund and other companies, gradually stepping into the ranks of the regular army. Another example is the rapid growth of Mengniu Dairy. Since its inception in 1999, the sales have exceeded 20 billion yuan. The dairy market in the start-up period is already a brand. Today, Mengniu has successfully surpassed the well-known brands at that time, Yili, Guangming, Sanyuan and Xingfa. The brands such as Nestle gradually become elephants. Then, during the battle between elephants and ants, some ants will be trampled to death, bankrupt or acquired, and find a strategy that suits their own ability to drive to the highway for rapid development. Then, in the process of weakening and strong, the guerrilla warfare is indispensable.

Through the comparison of the above two results, ants (small enterprises) must not be confronted with elephants (large enterprises) in the initial stage, but should adopt guerrilla tactics skillfully, differentiate opponents, focus on surprises and quickly copy in areas not covered by opponents. And after preparing certain basic conditions, you can still try to advance position tactics (such as media, advertising, etc.).

For the modernization marketing, channel-based or terminal-based is the key factor for the success or failure of the enterprise. The product is the core content of marketing. The author believes that the terminal is the main strategy and is more suitable for the development of modern enterprises. What is the savvy channel quotient when doing a product? Then, if you develop this step, the marketing work will be completed. Of course, the channel's loading rate is also very important. The guerrilla warfare is the competition of the brand in a single store. For example, small enterprise products and large enterprise products are in the same store. What do small businesses need to do when selling? Large enterprises have more customers in the same regional market, and fewer small enterprises. The war will form a weak and strong trend. The guerrilla tactics are promising. First, you need to improve your terminal image, sales strategy, product line and shop in a single store. Long and fast communication work, appropriate promotion feedback, etc. until the strategy wins the single store, overtakes the opponent in the region, and quickly replicates, forming lines, faces, gradually diverging, disintegrating opponents, achieving partial victory, constantly adjusting strategy, improving management, Initiating a new victory and achieving a comprehensive victory.
Guerrilla warfare can also be understood as a differentiated tactic, that is, it does not adopt the same strategy as the opponent. This involves the planning and selection of corporate strategy, such as the strategic choice of small enterprises for large enterprises:

1. With the category-to-brand, this is a product-level recommendation. Focus on the offense within the scope of the strong brand not yet involved, and create a competitive advantage for itself. For example, Mengniu’s first promotion of Tetra Pak, Leo’s positioning of business men’s wear , Qixi's positioning of non-cola, etc. undoubtedly established the company's position in this field;

2. From the perspective of strength, any enterprise will have its own shortcomings, such as mature brands, unlimited advertising, mad bombing, and products all over the network, but often face the dilution of the mutual profit margin of the channel, conflicts On the contrary, the unknown brands are faced with ignorance, no advertising support and other related issues. The channel dealers are not willing to operate easily. Therefore, it is necessary to find a weak link in the opponents. When the plane flies in the sky, there is infinite scenery. Then I will get you on the ground; 8 million regular army is strong, I will drop mines where your defenders are weak.

3. Point-to-face, such as the operation strategy of the early supermarkets, with the ultra-low-cost of some single products, the original passenger flow, the profit-making products earned a lot of money, then the focus of manufacturing will be the focus of corporate marketing.

In summary, targeting small business marketing guerrilla points will be a necessary means from small to large, how to put it into practice in combination with the company's own conditions, then take a long-term approach, please be cautious.

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