The tide of the star of my school to see offside teenager Dress up campus landscape

When the familiar class bell sounded in my ears, a new book exudes the ink fragrance ... still miss the white shirt, blue pants, red scarf of the opening season it? That's too Out! Another year school season! Cute personality kids always make people love to remember! In 2014, the "offside offside" teenager spring clothing will be a perfect combination of fashion items and up to people, not only the children's favorite elements into one, but also gives a comfortable and warm sense of enjoyment! The first day of school, let the baby to become a cute little campus star. When the unruly casual trousers encounter literary hooded plaid shirt, wearing a dark blue denim campus star, Huan spring full! Only young and happy, but without any rebellion, carrying flowers and birds, dress up the vitality of the campus! Such as and melodious music walking in every campus, opened a new chapter in 2014. European and American Institute of the wind, whether it is suitable for school or shopping wear! Simple and harmonious is the United States, bringing more natural and more affable pleasure, with comfortable and comfortable jeans, rustic exudes a trendy atmosphere. Not only looks sweet, but also more beautiful, more lovely, with fashion hair accessories, better able to highlight the good girl's taste. In 21 new century, the clothing has gone far beyond the basic needs of warmth, but also an important manifestation of a comprehensive display of personality and enhance the image! The so-called people rely on clothing, decent and stylish dress this homework, of course, had to train on an early age! "Offside offside" juvenile equipment for boys and girls to create a beautiful campus tide is still, the first day of school will be able to reap more HELLO and love, open immediately Fan 2014!

100% polyester fabric, light and thin, good wear resistance, and good air permeability. Fabric include semi-blind and blind. Blind fabric's back coated with white or the color same with fabric. Many configuration options blackout, waterproof, protect UV according to the weather and your mood adjust brightness of the sun light.

Roller Blind Curtain Shade Plain Dyed Fabric

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