Balabala children's wear: changes in consumer trends to promote changes in children's wear

Balabara summarized the changes reflected in the industry as "professional" and "fashionable." Create a one-stop shopping space When a young mother plans to buy clothes for her children, she hopes to buy blouses, pants, shoes, school bags, hats and even glasses and belts at one time. Rather than take the children from 4,5 stores to buy all the necessary items. Barra Barra transformed this demand from consumer groups into a "change of all-inclusive, one-stop shopper." Category, to expand and enrich the product line, comprehensive coverage of children aged 0 to 14 clothing, shoes, accessories and other categories, and even extended to hair accessories, purse such a "small object" to fully meet the needs of children's apparel category. When the mother walked into the Barra Barra store, you can give your child ready to buy from scratch. After the category is rich, the store space must be expanded to subvert the traditional children's clothing "supermarkets" and create the "supermarkets" for children's clothing. Since 2006, Balabora and British design companies have designed a brand new one-stop shop for Barrabara through world-wide research, combined with the development trend of international stores and the characteristics of the Chinese market. Hundreds of square meters, and even nearly 1,000 square meters of shops. From 2008 onwards, quickly copied to each province in the country. Consumers can easily see the city's downtown business district, Barra Barra stores or to surface swing, or garbled appearance of the stunning image of the city's fashion landmark. Should be provided should be seasonal clothing for children to have Children's Day today, or with children to party, or outdoor party ... In short, different occasions require different wear. Young mothers are easy to get dressed in different occasions, but uncertain about their children's wear. This is another change in the consumption trend of mothers, Barra Barra to follow the changes in consumer trends, the development should be seasonal clothing. New year costumes, festive wear, sportswear, Casual Wear, and even the dress of this kind of dress is even divided into grand occasion dress and casual party dress. Moms have a new demand for change, as a children's wear business, the only thing to do is to meet this demand, to keep up with this change. The group of young mums is the main group of online users. The network extends the moms' attention to the international community, enabling mums to instantly understand the international fashion trends and create more fashion needs for children's wear. In the future, young moms will shift to more fashion and demand for product specialization. In the face of this change, Barra Barra will make changes and adjustments in all aspects of product design and production, terminal stores, etc. to adapt to the changes of consumers. And this shift will also become a strong impetus for the continuous development of the brand. Synchronize international trend Barabara and France pop information company to establish a strategic partnership, quarterly grasp the latest trends, elements, and design to the theme of the series of clothing. At the same time recruiting outstanding designers at home and abroad to become the backbone of China's children's wear designer. Its designers shuttle every quarter in four major fashion weeks, with international designers exchange, communication, the international fashion interpretation of the Chinese children's fashion. Barra Barra strive to create children's fashion, so that children can wear clothing in different occasions fashion. For example, when the fashion mom wearing a popular quarter of the popular color hit, retro elegant dress, the children around the mother and mother can also embody these fashion elements. On the other hand, a little "lazy" young mothers also hope that the children's clothing can be set with a complete, reflecting a more stylish sense of style. This demand is more and more evident in the new generation of mothers in recent years. They complain that can not buy a complete set of children's clothing, complain about the lack of family sense of children's clothes, it is difficult to match. This consumer trend has become a huge driving force for the development of children's clothing and guidance. Conforming to this trend is the only way to be consistent with consumers. For this reason, Barra Barra incorporates the concept of fashion with product planning, design and production, and various aspects of the store display. When consumers choose clothes in the store, you can very easily buy to the style, elements of the same, very stylish sense of complete sets of clothing.

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