"Osweshwar" brand women are oriental elegant colors

With its own advantages and a wide range of international and friendly businesses as well as technical and informational support from domestic and foreign fabricators, Overswina's casual wear brand strives to break through itself and become a leader with considerable influence in the industry.
Oswene uses the mainstream business model of the 21st century to franchise and fully expand the Chinese market. For the franchisee to provide well-refined franchise rights. In the site selection, training, product development and design and marketing management to provide quality assistance.


Work together to create brilliant is the pursuit of the company, we will be more consistent, confident and industry professionals create brilliant!
"Oswener" is a modern high-fashion women's casual wear products. With more and more people pursuing the theme of fashion and culture, "Osweuna" brand picks the European fashion elements and becomes the " Satisfied "brand culture.

“奥斯维纳”品牌女装 极具东方典雅色彩

Hong Kong and the mainland elite designer group joint planning, consolidation and development of the brand image positioning, perceptual design thinking based on the commercialization of products on the basis of more strength to win market share, the theme of each quarter series of products distinctive; unique style; elegant and healthy Wearing the concept runs through them, make the product very market impact, a mainstream choice for women in fashion, VI's overall image of the design manual by a professional company creative design, product layout coordination storefront, creating a peaceful and soothing shopping atmosphere.
Under the influence of dressing philosophy and costume language, "Oswiner" brand is oriental and elegant. It leads the fashion women aged 20-35, which contains rich knowledge connotation, to restore their true colors and pursue others without replacement Personality and style.

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