Italian Feiyi brand women lead the fashion trend to master the female

Feiyiya brand fashion women's "classic fashion, business fashion, fashion will allow you to always beautiful and unlimited; so intellectual you more freedom and beauty! To do their own national fashion brand is the eternal theme of Italian brand"! Yi Fei Ya brand as Dongguan Zhiwei Garments Co., Ltd. business management of the eternal purpose!


Dongguan Zhiwei Garment Co., Ltd. is "ITAIY Italian Accor" fashion women's brand owner! Dongguan Zhiwei Garments Co., Ltd., specializing in the design, production and sales of mid-and-high-end ladies 'fashion brands, owns a number of large garment production bases and has been cooperating with many famous ladies' brands at home and abroad for many years.

意菲雅品牌女装 引领女性时尚掌握潮流

"Talent is our greatest wealth, win-win business is fundamental to survival!" As Dongguan Zhiwei Garments Co., Ltd. business management of the eternal purpose!

Italy Feiyah enterprises over the years with a number of international fashion agencies to share the latest fashion information, Italy Feiyah sought to create a blend of Eastern and Western low-key fashion, reshape "female oriental charm" of the "ITAIY Italian Feiyi" fashion women's brand!

Italy Feiya business goals: 5 to 10 years and strive to become the leader in the domestic high-end women!

Yi Feiya corporate culture: happy, happy, free, respect!

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