How to clean winter bedding

How to clean winter bedding

It’s still early to fade the flannel sheets on the bed, but it’s time to replace the quilt and the wool blanket, replaced by cotton sheets and thin bedding. If you have time to change, the winter bedding will be used for a longer time, even if it is used again. Xiaobian gives the following simple suggestions:
Wash and dewater in a large capacity machine. Most domestic washing machines can only hold 10 to 12 pounds of clothing, while commercial washing machines can reach 75 pounds and are the best choice for cleaning bedding. The use of large machines can extend the life of the bedding.
Many people have never found that the bedding with filler can be cleaned. However, you must read the instructions for the quilt and the pillow, using a mild detergent. When washing, put some clean tennis balls in the dehydrator to avoid fluff separation.
Use a mild detergent to clean the colored bedding. The white bedding should be washed separately, using a mild detergent, followed by an oxidizing bleach. Avoid using chlorine-containing bleach because it is easy to leave residue that is difficult to clean and is prone to discoloration. When dewatering, the use of a fabric that softens the fabric is preferred over the use of a liquid softener because some filler materials do not absorb the liquid softener unevenly.
Use cold water and a gentle washing mode, as well as a fluff dehydration mode. Adding a dry towel to the dewatering machine will absorb the mixture from the carpet and reduce the time of dehydration.
Flannel sheets should be cleaned and dehydrated separately. Flannel will leave soft linen in the dehydrator. The flannel should be removed from the dehydrator immediately. A better solution is to remove it when it is slightly wet and allow it to air dry. Excessive dehydration can cause shrinkage and fading.
Always read the attention tag. Certain fabrics, such as satin, cannot be cleaned and should be cleaned at a professional dry cleaner.

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