What is serpentine jade?

What is serpentine jade ? I believe that friends will hear that the name will have some appearance of a snake. What is it like? The following small series introduces serpentine jade to friends.

Serpentine jade

Serpentine jade is an ancient jade species. In the history of our country, as early as 7,000 years ago, serpentine jade began to be widely used to make various jade articles. Xiuyan jade, one of the four famous jade in China, is a kind of serpentine jade. Even now, the output of serpentine jade, such as Xiuyan jade, still accounts for more than half of China’s jade production. Therefore, the market has various grades. There are serpentine jade, and the eyes are full of people.

There are many countries in the world where serpentine jade is produced, such as China, the United States, North Korea, New Zealand, etc., and different countries have different names for serpentine jade, such as the production of the United States called William Jade, North Korea. Korean jade, New Zealand's serpentine is called Bao Wenyu. In China, the different names of the place of origin are also different. It is produced in Liaoning called Yuyanyu, which is called Nanyu in Guangdong, and Jiuquan Temple in Gansu. In the 1960s, a piece of the world's largest serpentine jade stone was discovered in Liaoning, weighing more than 260 tons. After several twists and turns, it was carved into the world's largest jade Buddha at the end of the last century and recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. .

The main mineral component of serpentine jade is serpentine, in addition to minerals such as dolomite, talc and tremolite. The serpentine jade has fine particles and dense structure. Because of its complex mineral content, its texture and color are deeply affected. Its color is mainly light green, and the difference of mineral content is dark green, gray yellow, yellow green. , black and green, etc. The hardness of serpentine is not high, but if the content of tremolite is high, the hardness can reach 6. Its transparency is general, its specific gravity is light, and its gloss is average.

Serpentine jade is a kind of medium-grade jade. The jade is exquisite, the color is multi-colored, the gloss is moving, the jade made is exquisite and the price is moderate, so it is well received by the market. Especially the color is mainly green, the transparency is high, and the serpentine jade without impurities is less beautiful and has great collection value.

I believe that through the brief introduction of the above small series, friends have a certain understanding and understanding of serpentine jade!

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