Zhejiang provincial party committee visited Peace Pacific Bird Group to conduct investigations and studies

On the afternoon of December 18, 2013, Wang Peimin, former vice chairman of provincial CPPCC Steering Group and former head of provincial Party Committee's United Front Work Department, led the steering group and their delegation to visit the Pacific Rim delegation for their visit with the delegation of Peng Zhugang, secretary of Haishu District Committee. At 4:00 pm, Zhang Jiangping, chairman of Peacebird Group, and Gu Xianzhang, secretary of Party Committee, hosted the leaders of the visiting research group and led a pedestrian visit to the party's work room, employees' recreation area and office area of ​​the Peacebird Company, and finally held forums in the group conference room . At the symposium, chairman of Peace Bird Zhang first briefed the leaders about the development and status quo of the Peacebird Group. Minister Wang fully affirmed the development of Waxwing Group in recent years and discussed the future development of the apparel industry with the present staff. Minister Wang pointed out: The importance of e-commerce in the future retail industry and encourage Chairman Zhang to make the traditional garment industry a reality, do a good job, bigger and become the future of the sun business.

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