PAN'TTERFLY 2019 A/W conference: Iris flower is open at the time

The quietness of the light, the flowing sound, like the elegantness coming from the deep valley of the orchids, from that moment, broke the time of Qingling. Looking forward to a long time of flower blossoms, with the fragrance of Xinya quietly bloom, PAN'TTERFLY2019A/W release kicked off. Iris flowers are generally noble and charming figures, with elegant steps, this one, quiet but bright enough flowers, flowing between the moving words, the time is too short, the story has been printed in my heart.

Iris flower is open at the time

At the moment when the iris flower is stunning, Pan Wei will never forget the moment of heart, that is, from the time when this flower blooms, it will outline the charming fragrance of the whole season. As the principal of PAN'TTERFLY, it is inherently sensitive to fashion. Fashion design is originally the expression of perceptual art. Every fold, every line, every cut, every embellishment is her inner world. Telling everyone a unique story, the plots that linger in the past are slowly coming on every fashion. What you see and feel is Pan Wei’s tension in fashion.

The inspiration of fashion is unexpected, but it always brings enough surprises. The emotional resonance with the iris makes this season's wonderful. It is an elegant flower, which is the most sincere side of PAN'TTERFLY women. This is not all, pure romantic mood, intertwined with independent personality expression, combined into the most perfect PAN'TTERFLY, is also the most perfect for you. This time, PAN'TTERFLY invited the famous female host Yi Yi, who is as elegant as Iris, to tell the story and continue with the most exciting chapters.

Stunning look between the colors

From that light, the entire show was occupied by the beauty of the color. The graceful model dressed in a long skirt with a starry starlight, turned and looked back, and it was amazing time for this night. The light and the euphoria bloom together, and the story belonging to PAN'TTERFLY is as scheduled. The design lines drawn from the deconstructive aesthetics are particularly attractive. Unlike the extremely arrogant techniques, the slightly subtle subtraction is more appropriate at this moment. The tailoring fit outlines the moving lines, while the highly ingenious silhouette is The expression of creative inspiration, the use of a large number of sequins, beading, three-dimensional decoration, embroidery and other high-precision craftsmanship bring a luxurious texture to the fashion that is already exquisite enough. However, the designer's measurement is extremely accurate, without any cumbersome repetition. Texture.

The intimacy of color and fashion is intuitive and profound. The high-quality texture of black and white is magnified; the metallic color perfectly balances the futuristic and modern sense; the color between the blue and the green is like a flowing fragrance, which is like a fragrance, and it is more than one point. It is heavy, one point is lighter; the champagne color discards the heavy feeling, and after the lightness of the tone and the silk texture, there is a kind of natural mellow; the bright yellow is less dazzling, more independent and more independent; soft The combination of powder and feathers sings the heartstrings; the passionate red color wipes out the gaudy, the texture and texture are released, walking like a fire burning eyeball, so that you can never forget again; the most amazing is the iris purple Elegant, independent, confident, and tense, at the moment, get the perfect release.

Looking forward to the time with a flower, I was surprised by the moment I opened it. PAN'TTERFLY's ingenuity has made the time clear, always like this, not guilty, self-sounding, not disturbing, own heart. The most understanding of a woman's personality charm and inner chase, can always easily touch the heart, because, at the moment, PAN'TTERFLY is telling you, this is you.

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