Quality Assurance of Sewing Quality for Children 's Wear on Your Baby Dress

Children's sewing quality identification: 1. Visual inspection of the main parts of the children's sewing lines are straight, patchwork is flat clothes. 2. Check the symmetry of children's clothing parts are consistent. Symmetrical parts of children's clothing on the lot, can be folded around the two parts to check the symmetry of the site is accurate. Children's apparel appearance and quality of the identification: 1. Attention children's clothing on a variety of accessories, decorative texture, such as the zipper is smooth, the buttons are solid, Sihetun whether tight fit and so on. 2. Children's sewing parts have no color and chapped chapped. Slippage is commonly referred to as the fabric "slip" or fabric "row wire", the degree of chapped less than the standard requirements of the index, reflecting the strength of the garment seam is not enough, likely to cause shoulder seam, sleeve hole seam, side seam, etc. Sew at the seam can not be worn. 3. The main surface of children's wear parts with or without obvious defects. 4. There are bonding lining surface parts such as collars, head, bag cover, placket at the Department of degumming, foaming or infiltration of plastic and so on.

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