Ariel Lin joins hands with GM to promote ICHITOO

Korea's new generation of idols, gold medalists, loyalists, thirsting players, ICHITOO, interpreting the latest advertising campaigns in an elegant and modern style, interpreting EICHITOO's message to love fashion and love. Urban young people's attitude toward new fashion life.

Fashion apparel brand EICHITOO recently revealed its 2012 signing spokesperson: Korean Idol Gold, Sleigh, Loyalty, Miscellaneous, Huai-Wei, Xian Yu, Yu Dumpling, Song Yu, and Stealing. Ht="http://Clothing Brand/" title="Clothing" target="_blank">Apparel has a brand new breakthrough, and it also hand-carried out EICHITOO's 2012 new advertising blockbuster, turning "type" urban modern model, Showcasing the brand's simple, attractive and confident new image.

Ariel Lin and Han Xingjin??

In the upcoming ad blockbuster, “Flower Beauty” gold medals, Tingba rebellion, petty insurance, tactics, loyalty, loyalty, punishment, 渖怼 攘 攘 攘 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛 碛Mechanical and chemical development of the ship 洌 洌 洌 钆涑隽 欢 欢 孕 孕 孕 孕 孕 昵 昵 亩 亩 ICH ICH ICH ICH ICH ICH ICH ICHITOO brand new image of the overall upgrade.

Ariel Yi endorsement fashion brand EICHITOO

Ariel Lin: EICHITOO makes me elegant and confident

“The first time I spoke about EICHITOO, it made me feel very different! Almost every outfit is a style that I love. At first sight, I fell in love with its elegant urban temperament. The neat layout perfectly captures everyone's figure. The advantages, wearing a good feeling and confidence, the whole person is exudes a modern fashion taste!" Ariel nostalgic love of EICHITOO, "EICHITOO in my eyes is like a young man who loves fashion and loves excellence. Tactile, sensitive to the pursuit of quality, and optimistic about life. In fact, EICHITOO is you and me. I LIKE EICHITOO!”

Han Xingjin????????????????????????????? ICHITOO

Gold ǚ叮 ǚ叮 ICH ICHITOO makes me more "type"

For the first time the endorsement of Chinese clothing brands, gold, frozen, Su Xin, splitting, homosexuality, Song, (12), 缬, 缬, 缬, 缬, 缬, 愀嬷, 愀嬷, (, (, (, (, (, 粤, 粤, 粤, 粤螅 ICH ICH ICH ICHITOO is very suitable for various occasions, is very good and has a variety of STYLE fashionable clothing. "In the interview, I love the EICHITOO brand's gold, and I think that it's a bit of a sneak peek. IICHITOO is a very fashionable and stylish brand. EICHITOO, FIGHTING!"

EICHITOO: Stylish and modern design is more youthful and confident

The EICHITOO brand combines the most fashionable design with trend elements to create a sophisticated modern urban lifestyle for young people who love fashion and love excellence. EICHITOO clothing finds inspiration from urban life and fashion trends, exquisite style reveals excellent texture, stylish and stylish design disperses modern urban temperament, reveals personal confidence and elegant charm in the dress, highlighting the brand's pursuit of youth, self-confidence, Optimistic attitude towards life.

EICHITOO offers men's and women's clothing collections, which are divided into Urban and Casual directions. The Urban series focuses on trendy design patterns and seasonal colors to create a stylish and colorful charm. Casual collections are complemented by casual design. , To create a simple style that is comfortable and easy without losing the sense of refinement.

The gold medals will be released on the 17th.

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