Ballet Jun Women listen to the call of beauty

Ballet Jun ladies to listen to the beauty of the United States Calligraphy International Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a collection of research and development, design, production and sales of high-fashion women's as one of the major fashion companies. Company to perfect the concept of innovation, world-class modern equipment to provide consumers with high-quality, high-grade, leading the market trend of apparel products. At present, the company has 8,000 square meters of open plant, more than 500 technical production team, the average annual output of up to 1 million pieces, the output value of 200 million yuan.


Ballet Jun Women listen to the exchange of beauty

With the experience of many years of brand operation and the planning team from France and Taiwan, the company utilizes the latest popular information in Europe and the United States and guided by the domestic market under the careful planning of experienced designers. It integrates Milan, London, New York and Tokyo, Korea, Taiwan and other places of fashion and fashion, creating a gorgeous, elegant fashion women's brand - KISTINA. With the tide of global economy and the increasing pace of marching into the world, 2011 launched "Balletcheena Ballet Jun" new ladies new brand in Guangzhou. Products imported fabrics from Europe and the United States to adopt the essence and concept of European and American fashion, fashionable and exquisite craftsmanship, and into the Eastern culture, cutting the most charming lines of women, the changing and complete series, so that women are always eye-catching focus.

芭蕾君女装 聆听美的呼唤

Ballet Jun Women listen to the exchange of beauty

The company pays great attention to the brand cultivation management, spared no expense to hire internationally renowned designers, sending designers to Europe and Japan every quarter to carefully screen and collect the latest popular information. Its purpose is to explore modern women's pursuit of beauty to the highest, so that each item becomes Need for fashion Companies pay attention to quality, with experienced technology production staff, strict quality testing standards. At the same time continue to strengthen the image of the sales terminal building, sales guidance and terminal services training for the operation of brand management and lay a solid foundation.

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