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[This site - shoes and life] Most women are very particular about their wear, there is always a dazzling array of fashion clothes, and in my various lines, the most preferred is the shoes.

In my spare time, one person will enter and exit the large and small shopping malls and walk through the dazzling array of goods, but the only thing that stops me is the shoes of exquisite women on the high and low shoe racks.

There are many kinds of women's shoes, many styles and designs. Or noble and elegant, or petite or exquisite. Different shoes show different styles, but also an interpretation of romance and beauty. In all the stories about shoes, the most touching should be Cinderella. The prince took the rest of the small and exquisite dance shoes to find Cinderella, and eventually the prince found the owner of the shoes. A Cinderella who emerged from the gray pile suddenly became the queen in the palace, and from then on they lived a happy life.

Shoes, it is not only a woman's modification, but also represents a person's identity and status. But noble and beautiful things need to be carefully maintained. It can't withstand the muddy roads. The most important thing is for themselves.

There are different shoes in different seasons and different shoes in different periods. The women of the Qing dynasty were all wrapped up in small feet. They were called "three-inch golden lotus." Shoes represent a woman's state of mind and feelings for a period of time. The good and bad mood depends on the shoes. The change of shoes may have changed the mindset and mood. Love is a kind of shoes, marriage is a kind of shoes, and the alternation of feelings is also a kind of shoes. Maybe there will be different shoes at different stages, and each stage will have different interpretations and definitions of shoes.

Now, I still have a constant pursuit of all kinds of shoes, and good-looking shoes must be bought back to dress my feet. Can not remember who said: love women's shoes is the most kind woman. Because people's feet are farthest from the heart, and they carry our bodies very hard every day. We can think of a woman who cares for her feet with heart. She is the most considerate of whatever she treats.

Women's shoes, not only give the woman the style of the feet, but also carries the rich content of the woman. In this summer season.

What shoes women wear in the summer are the healthiest

Summer is the season when all women love it. Ms. Aimei will take out the killer in this season just to show her most beautiful figure. The shoes are an indispensable weapon that embodies women's sexiness and uprightness. In spirit, women and shoes are extremely close partners. How do women wear shoes in the summer to be healthy? This requires us to make a comprehensive assessment of body traits and seasons. You know, physically, the foot is a very important part of our female health care. The choice of heel height and thickness are key. Do not think that wearing shoes is a trivial matter. How to be beautiful is how to come. To know that a tiny pair of shoes is not properly worn can "drag" your health.

1. Wear about three centimeters of shoes is good for health

Many people think that if they are high heels, they are not good for their health. This is one-sided. Three centimeters of shoes, if worn comfortably, have a certain role in correcting certain body shapes and protecting and maintaining arches.

2. People with poor lumbar kidney function avoid high-heeled shoes

Wearing high heels for a long period of time requires a firmer, more powerful footing, and it can be imagined in the long run what kind of condition is for people with poor lumbar kidney function. This point, more emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine.

3. Thick calf wear flat shoes as far as possible

This need not be explained too much. If you don't want to make your calves thicker, don't wear high heels!

4.O-shaped legs to avoid long time through the high heels

High heels are definitely the killer of O-shaped legs!

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