Change your hair and don't move the knife wig to help you make up your makeup.

Change your hair, don't move your knife, wig, help you make up your makeup.

Knife wig hair style is not to help you look concave

Today, as a fashion (Sina Weibo) tool, wigs require more people and prices have begun to rise. It is understood that the price of human hair is basically increased at a rate of 10% per year. The reasons are: the shortage of human resources, the supply of wigs is tight; the second is that the cost rises to the need to purchase in foreign markets such as Russia; plus the presence of the mall, please "endorsement ORGNITU" people, etc. Promote the price of wigs to rise. At present, according to the material of the wig, there are three types: real hair, chemical fiber, real hair and chemical fiber. In terms of price, 100% is more expensive; in the way of making, the price of hand-woven is also higher than that of machine weaving. It takes about 2~3 days to produce an ordinary wig product, and it takes two weeks to produce a real hair wig. Therefore, the rise of labor costs has also caused the industry to show a rising trend.


A few years ago, Taobao sold three or four sellers of wigs. Now there are more than 228,552 searches, which shows that the development speed is quite amazing. As a fashion accessory, wigs are gradually entering the mass market, and they have entered the life of everyone without any discussion. For the first time to buy a wig, it is best to go to the physical store to see, you must know something about the goods you buy. A good wig should have good air permeability and good hair quality. Since the beginning of spring, with the gradual increase of temperature, wigs with good breathability are very important. Wearing wigs with poor ventilation can make the scalp sullen. If worn for a long time, the scalp will be red and swollen, and even cause allergies. In addition, everyone wants to see that the wig can be "fake the real thing", the bad hair will feel rough, the gloss is poor, and it is not beautiful.

● Daren teaches you online shopping steps

Change your hair, don't move your knife, wig, help you make up your makeup.

As a fashion editor, Celine is very concerned about her own image. Therefore, she thought that whether it was purchased on Taobao or on a website selling professional wigs, it is very important to ask about the quality of the goods.

Online shopping wigs must first ask the quality of the hair, it is best to be a real hair, of course, it looks more natural, the wearing effect is better, the price is more expensive, in addition to the real hair can also choose the Japanese Kanis, the customer response is not bad. The second is to ask the net cap accessories, whether a hair style can be comfortable and durable, but also look at the net hat and various accessories, the imported hair net should be better. Third, ask the standard of net hats, there are imported goods on the Internet as well as domestic goods. As we all know, the head shape of Europeans is very different from that of Asians. Therefore, when buying, you should specifically ask the specifications of the net cap to avoid wearing uncomfortable. Fourth, look at additional services, Celine special tips, a lot of hair wigs used materials is not good enough, it is not the same as normal wash hair wig care, such goods are not easy to take care of, we must be careful to buy. The last is to ask what is the after-sales service, such as quality, size differences, allergies to the goods, etc., whether it can be returned, who will bear the return postage.

Change your hair, don't move your knife, wig, help you make up your makeup.

Recommended website

●Recommended website

1. Blossoming wig net

There are various wig styles, including men's wigs, hair blocks, ladies wigs, real hair, chemical fiber hair, BOBO wigs, cosplay wigs, toy wigs, horsetails, film and wigs, etc., to meet the needs of different consumer groups. . The author browsed the products of the online shop at random. The long wave head of Qi Liuhai long curly hair is only 113 yuan and shipping. Material: 100% imported silk, structure: high-grade breathable mesh head cover design, with two hooks adjustable size.

Website: http://

2. Yucca wig net

Silk card wig network, mainly sells brand non-mainstream wigs, fashion wigs, including wigs, horsetails, hair sets, bangs, wig care and other related products. At present, the sales columns of the website include non-mainstream wigs, short hair series, medium long hair series, long hair series, curly hair series, medium long curly hair, long curly hair, fashion straight hair, BOBO wig, pear head wig, men's wig, wig Accessories and so on.

Website: http://

●Group purchase

For most people, they are still used to doing hair and changing makeup in physical stores. Therefore, Xiaobian also lists readers' references for several group buying websites. Another thing to be reminded is that the end time of the group purchase network is related to the number of consumers purchasing. Some group purchases with a 10-day group purchase period may reach the full number of purchases in 7 days, and the project will also stop, so consumers The online version is subject to change.


A hairdressing project of the group purchase network is very affordable, only 168 yuan can enjoy the original price of 2480 yuan hairdressing package, including: blanching (Korea HP plant hot + South Korea Sowang) / L'Oreal Mickey ORGNITU hair dye + senior hair stylist scissors Hair Makeup + Alice is hot after the hot repair + hot scalp hair follicles clean up. In addition, the store also provides wireless Internet access, small accessories, flower and fruit tea, and everything is attentive.

Website: http://

2.24 coupon

Now the haircut will be tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan, and the 24 coupons will be combined with "Dongyuan Shangpin" to launch a new offer. Only 9.9 yuan can enjoy the original price of 38 yuan Dongyuan Shangpin washing and blowing package: professional Chinese dry cleaning 15 minutes + fashion design hair + design hair makeup, let your hair shine brilliantly.

Website: http://

3. One way tour

In the Beijing group purchase website, there is also a hairdressing package. You only need 88 yuan to enjoy the original price of 1288 yuan. Schwarzkopf hairdressing package from Harajuku Hair Art: Hair Design + Washing and Blowing + Schwarzkopf Perm / Schwarzkopf ORGNITU Hair Coloring (Second one) + Schwarzkopf care, both men and women can use, classic hot dye series, let you easily change beautifully.

Website: http://

4. Cocoa group

Cocoa group also has a hairdressing group purchase project online, only 68 yuan can enjoy the original price of 1144 yuan "cut hair fashion beauty bar hair salon" value package: wash and blow + L'Oreal elegant perm (cold hot / hot) / L'Oreal beauty brown ORGNITU hair dye (pick one of two).

Website: http:// offline

With the wig becoming a fashion, wigs are entering the mall more and more, the reporter visited some wig shops. Today, human hair has become a "soft gold" in the wig industry. In the market wig, if it is 100% of people, its price is basically more than 1,000 yuan, which depends on the hair style.
Change your hair, don't move your knife, wig, help you make up your makeup.
On the third floor of the Financial Street Mall, Rebecca’s largest image store is located here. Various trend hair styles are displayed in this 170-square-meter space. It can be said that this is the REBECCA wig shop with the most hairstyles, the best environment and the most complete products. According to the clerk, no matter which REBECCA store you are spending, you can become a VIP member by purchasing the product at the store. It can be said that REBECCA's membership service is incomparable to other wig brands. Here, members will be created a personal style file and tailored to their membership. At the same time, members can also get the latest REBECCA product consultation, after-sales service, such as cleaning, makeup, dyeing, reissuing and so on. Most of the wigs in the store are mainly real hair, and some of them are mixed with high-temperature silk. Different materials and production methods have different price points. The per capita consumption is about 5,000 yuan, and customers can choose according to their own needs.
Address: L-311, 3rd Floor, Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District
●Sleek fashion wig
Change your hair, don't move your knife, wig, help you make up your makeup.
Change your hair, don't move your knife, wig, help you make up your makeup.
Sleek fashion wig
The store is located on the 3rd floor of the hQ Shangke Department Store. In this open space, you can see the styles of various wigs. The wigs of the store range from a few hundred yuan to a thousand dollars. You can apply for membership cards as long as you buy regular-priced items. Ordinary members can enjoy 9.6 fold. Discounts, as well as free toiletries and other services, membership card is a point system, the higher the points, the greater the discount. The store clerk told me that during the Spring Festival, it should be the peak of wig sales. Many customers choose to wear wigs to welcome the New Year. Nowadays, there are many new products on the shelves. Among them, the long curly hair is one of the most popular styles, and there are some short hair of the British style. With the increase of temperature, short hair is more and more favored by consumers. The clerk also reminds consumers to pay attention to the sanitary cleaning when wearing wigs. When picking up, it is best to comb them with a comb and then collect them.
Address: 3rd Floor, Block D, Dazhongsi Square, No. 18, North Third Ring Road, Haidian District
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Wig type
There are three types of wig materials, which are chemical fiber, human hair, chemical fiber and real hair. The real human hair class is the most expensive wig. No matter which wig shop you go to, you will find this fact. The wearing effect is the most natural and one of the reasons that many people pursue. The price of chemical fiber and human hair mixed is relatively moderate and very realistic.
2. Hair of the wig
With a lighter, you can determine the pros and cons of a wig, burn a few hairs through a lighter, and have an unpleasant smell. You can also put the hair on the air outlet of the hair dryer and blow it with high wind for 5 seconds. The bad wig will also have an unpleasant smell.
3. Wig net material
Choose the wig that you wear frequently. Be sure to pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the net. Try it on the purchase to see if you feel uncomfortable. Then pull the elastic band inside the wig to feel the tightness. It is the best.
4. Choose the wig that suits you.
The skin-skinned person can choose light brown or brown-yellow; the skin-skinned person chooses black or brown; the skin-yellow person chooses maroon and dark brown.

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