Xia Ming Mei Floral Sefon Chen Feng Women's 2013 Summer Floral Series New

On a splendid day, you can dance gently and release unstoppable attraction. Sefon Women's Floral Flower Collection, this summer meets the most beautiful ones.

Xia Mingmei Suihua sefon Chen Feng Women's 2013 Summer Floral Series New

The legend of Chen Feng began in 1956 when a small tailor shop in Nice, France quickly developed into a fashion kingdom. To create the most luxurious and expensive fashion in the world for the noble women of high society.
And set a glorious history.
Chen Feng had lived with several women who had special feelings about fashion since childhood. His mother used to be a dressmaker in a famous clothing store in Nice City. He often accompanied his mother to shop to buy clothes.
He later recalled: “My mother was the kind of overly feminine woman who was dressed. The clothes she was wearing could even be paired with the clothes I was designing now. She was wearing something pure.”
Chen Feng’s passion for fashion began to be traced back to 1952. He participated in a fashion show in Coco Chanel in Paris. At the fashion show, he was featured in the elegant and elegant works of 30 famous models from around the world. Deeply moved. At the press conference, Chanel also graciously told all women that they must always go out in the most appropriate manner. Because, perhaps in the moment of turning on the street, you will encounter the most loved one in this life. Since then, Chen Feng has become a fashion designer. Chen Feng inherited the French Haute Couture tradition, always maintained a high-level and gorgeous design route, fine workmanship, to meet the aesthetic taste of mature women in high society, a symbol of the highest spirit of French fashion culture, also laid the official maple in the fashion industry in Paris Very high status. Sefon Women's Joining Agent: http://

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