How to clean jade

Whether it is to buy or collect jade is very necessary for cleaning jade. If the jade is exposed for a long time, it will be contaminated with various stains such as dust and oil, so it is especially important to maintain jade in daily life.

Whether it is jade jewelry or jade ornaments, it must be cleaned regularly, and there are many ways to clean jade. Let's introduce it to you.

Cleaning the jade method: The first method of cleaning the jade is to soak the jade that needs to be cleaned in warm water, then drip in a mild cleaning solution, then gently scrub the surface with a soft brush, then rinse it off with water. Finally, wipe it off with a clean soft cotton cloth.

Wiping method: Because Hetian jade has a special structure, it will ooze oil-like stains on the surface for a long time, so it must be wiped regularly with a soft cotton cloth.

In addition to the daily cleaning of jade, the protection of jade can not be neglected. If it is jade hanging ornaments, be sure to check whether the lanyard is firm or not. The lanyard of the jade serial port is not worn. If the lanyard lanyard is damaged, it must be replaced in time to avoid loss.

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