France Bi Yang Women Autumn 2013 orders will be concluded successfully

Recently, the French Biyang Women in Guangzhou Haizhu District successfully held the 2013 autumn and winter orders. Dealers from all over the country gathered together to witness the surprise release of the new autumn and winter 2013. It is understood that the order will be divided into Biyang 2013 autumn and winter fashion trends released in autumn and winter 2013 theme of dynamic interpretation of goods and many other links, vivid and detailed dealer for the 2013 autumn and winter new products. For the next autumn and winter clothing sales season has laid a good foundation.


Bi Yang Women's 2013 autumn and winter new French romantic spirit and Chinese women's fashion, aesthetic taste, romantic, elegant, original, trendy lace and embroidery technology, imaginative design, for the contemporary women into the new Of life, bring elegant and refined ladies more satisfaction and joy. At the same time, the classic embroidery, beading, hot drilling technology, combined with a new imported cotton and bright colors, cleverly designed, exquisite workmanship, targeting the target group of urban women aged 20-45, fully demonstrated the elegance of urban women Luxury and charming.


Puyang brand women's series for the cultural heritage, the pursuit of emotional crowd, will be the perfect combination of fashion and elegant elements, highlighting the feminine and elegance of the high-end consumer layer, the overall image of elegant and luxurious new aristocracy, the pursuit of fashion and elegance Of the female design, clever craft, strong sense of hierarchy, highlighting the overall harmony, high concentration 鬰 characteristics, the performance of feminine decorations, a sense of value; in pursuit of beauty and fashion, but has been hidden in the heart of a new era of middle-aged women . Fashion, taste, exquisite, rich atmosphere of the introduction of three-dimensional beauty of the embroidery and version of the structure, fashion and not boast, personality and resistance to see, elegant and beautiful combination of products, Bi Yang fashion embroidery create a colorful mainstream fashion era.

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