Ladies fashion fashion interpretation of the pursuit of popular personality

"Ladies era" is from Asia's leading fashion trendsetting design style, is avant-garde fashion brand women , with romantic Romance, classical art inspiration and thousands of years of young girl accumulation of elegance, the modern urban girl's personal charm and romanticism The perfect blend, interpretation of an independent, the pursuit of fashion personality.


Vibrant color splicing gauze blouse, enhance the degree of eye-catching at the same time in the summer to bring a cool and comfortable wearing experience, with shabby shaved denim shorts, showing slender legs, friends gatherings not to be missed casual dress.

淑女时代时尚女装  演绎追求流行的个性

Faux cartoon T-shirt, playful cute, khaki lace skirts, the overall exudes a strong academic style, let you regain the childish childhood dress, shaping the youth invincible beauty girl image.

    High Pressure Hydraulic Accumulator Bladder.    

    Fluids are practically incompressible and cannot, therefore, store pressure energy. So, the utilisation of compressibility of a gas (nitrogen) in hydraulic accumulators is for storing fluids. That`s why HYDAC bases its piston accumulators on this principle.

    Indeed, a Bladder Accumulator consists of a fluid section and a gas section with the bladder acting as the gas-proof screen. The connection of the fluid around the bladder to the hydraulic circuit results on the bladder Accumulator drawing in the fluid. It happens when the pressure increases, leading to the compression of the gas. When the pressure drops, the compressed gas expands and forces the stored fluid into the circuit.

High Pressure Hydraulic Accumulator Bladder

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