The meaning and purchasing skills of traditional gold inlaid jade jewelry

Gold jade

Gold inlaid jade is a treasure in the memory of Chinese language culture. Especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the traditional gold inlaid jade jewelry is more and more popular among the public. The exquisite gold-inlaid jade style is warm and dazzling, noble and elegant, showing the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture and more extraordinary meaning. Next, Kedi Emperor Xiaobian will wear a look at the meaning and purchasing skills of traditional gold inlaid jade jewelry.
1. What are the implications of gold inlaid jade jewelry?
The gold inlaid jade originated in the Han Dynasty, developed and the Tang Dynasty, and flourished during the Qing Dynasty. The material used in gold inlaid jade is high-grade jade and gold. The combination of warm jade and bright gold has an elegant and noble temperament in appearance. The jade has a good sign of the sinister sorrows and the deaths. The gold has always been used by the emperors and the emperors in ancient times. The jade and the metal are ingeniously combined, which not only demonstrates the quality of jade, but also the nobleness of gold. It also caters to the beautiful meaning of "Golden Jade" and "Golden Jade Manchu" in Chinese traditional culture, symbolizing the marriage of happiness and the beautiful life that is flourishing. In addition, gold inlaid jade jewelry also has a combination of ancient auspicious symbols, such as Buddha, Guanyin, Zodiac, etc., so wearing gold inlaid jade jewelry also has the meaning of death, prosperity, and longevity.
Second, how to choose gold inlaid jade jewelry
1. Look at jade, the main body of gold inlaid jade jewelry is jade, so the quality of gold inlaid jade must first be seen in the quality of its jade. Consumers can use the glare to look at the jewellery from all angles when purchasing, and check whether the surface has cracks, black spots, cotton neps, etc. that affect the appearance of the jewelry.
2, look at the workmanship, high-quality gold inlaid jade work is certainly very fine, and to see whether the gold inlaid jade jewelry work fine is the most important thing is to see whether the details of the treatment between gold and jade is delicate, there is no opening, disconnected local. Whether the combination of gold and jade is close. If the jewellery work is rough, it is easy to drop the mosaic. This kind of jewelry is best to choose.
3, look at the shape, look at the shape can actually continue from a little, only with a good workmanship can present a vivid shape. The shape of gold inlaid jade jewelry is generally based on the symbol of tradition and auspiciousness. The high-quality gold inlaid jade shape should be exquisitely designed, with clear texture and strong sense of three-dimensionality.
The gold-encrusted jade jewelry with auspicious beauty is more and more popular among the public. Under the beautiful and happy meanings of “Jinyu Mantang” and “Golden Jade”, it presents people's yearning and hope for a happy life.

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