Analysis of romantic season underwear joined the three core strengths

At present, the underwear industry Mushu mushrooming, but also mixed, how to choose from a number of underwear business as their career partner for life, it is particularly important, brand size, brand influence, brand development potential, the company directly affect the impact of support How long will the franchisee earn? Romantic season underwear brand three core competitive advantages of today's brilliant, to solve the shop's worries.

A core competitive advantage: product advantages

1, independent research and development, romantic season lingerie has dozens of product research and development design team, through domestic and foreign market demand for underwear study and understanding of the accurate grasp of the international trend of underwear, spring and summer each year, autumn and winter two major quarters will lead the " Fashion and health "trend of the new underwear products to the market.

2, rich in variety, underwear, romantic season existing bra, underwear, suspenders, home, warmth, socks and other 6 series hundreds of styles, and keep pace with the leading speed, rich variety of styles, leading to create a full range of underwear product chain .

3, patented product, the romantic season in the underwear industry took the lead in the comprehensive care of women's breasts, physical prevention of breast disease breast bra series of brand appeal.

4, a strong cooperation Factory, the company and more than 10 large-scale professional production plant reached a strategic cooperation agreement, a total of nearly 30,000 skilled production workers, the monthly output of 30 million, the romantic season of the factory are Europe and the United States on behalf of the brand Factories, in strict accordance with international standards of production management, product quality assurance.

Two core competitive advantage: the entire store output

1. Investment Analysis and store location and store design

The implementation of the romantic season, a store first-rate investment policy, to avoid the vicious competition with the brand. The company headquarters will be deployed before the opening of the senior headquarters supervision to help you do a good job in market research and business district analysis, to provide you with the market value of the site assessment, the customer's initial capital investment, store operating costs, sales estimates, return forecasts and other directions Budget, allows you to estimate the feasibility of investing in this project to avoid investment risks.

2 material support

In addition to senior staffing will assist franchisees to choose and configure products, the company provides free storefront image design support, and to provide showcases, checkout counter, the image of the wall, shop signs, etc., but also for the franchise distribution brand Characteristics of the opening of materials, such as leaflets, beautiful gift boxes, handbags, plywood, anti-breast cancer detector, cashier system, franchisee decoration to save money!

3. Shop patrol, training and guidance

Store opened, the company will arrange the shop under the supervision of senior store manager guidance, including the store environment, product display, sales skills, cashier system and the use of anti-breast cancer detector to help franchise stores to enhance performance. For the product market and sales, the company headquarters will regularly arrange the franchise staff focus on business training.

Three core competitive advantages: After the opening of brand awareness and one-on-one tracking service

1. After the opening, the company will arrange for one-on-one tracking service and management for customer service commissioners and franchisees, and handle the issues raised by franchisees as soon as possible. At the same time store inspections from time to time shop, find and solve problems in a timely manner, franchisee store image, sales skills, management, staff, display, health and give professional guidance and training.

2. The company's replacement policy for the franchisees to solve the problem of unmarketable goods and large inventory of goods, reduce the pressure on the franchisee's inventory. Open online ordering system, franchisees can stay at home without the company's latest product information, the mouse a little, easy ordering.

3. According to different regions and shopping malls, tailor-made for the marketing program, in the holidays and other specific time, according to the specific circumstances of the designated promotional programs.

4. For different stages of brand development, the joint media, networks, magazines and so on the romantic seasonal underwear for all-dimensional perspective three-dimensional reports, and through regional large-scale public welfare activities to rapidly enhance brand reputation.

 Integrity and pragmatic business style is more appreciated by businessmen around the country, and establish a good reputation in the industry.We do not rely on low-cost customers to attract the eye and win cooperation opportunities,we do
not sacrifice the quality of products to give you a low price as a competitive advantage.

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